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Writing Description

Description. Some people love it, others hate it. Used poorly, the story’s pacing tanks and readers set the book down. But used effectively, description brings the characters and story alive, drawing the reader in and keeping them emersed in another … Continue reading

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Characterization Tip

This year, I’ve decided to reread some of the writing books in my library.  I wondered if, ten plus years on, I’d learn anything new. So far I am a third of the way through Writing for Emotional Impact by … Continue reading

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Hiding Space

Commander Brongill of Da’Hap heads the expedition to Earth in hopes of finding the survivors of an ancient crash and the key to Terrill’s survival. But Brongill knows first-hand how his race treats its saviors and decides to spare the … Continue reading

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Writing Ghosts

To Believe or not to believe? That is the question. Shamelessly rephrasing Shakespheare aside, I am referring to ghosts and the belief in whether or not they exist. I know of a certainty that believing is seeing, even when there’s … Continue reading

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The soundtrack of writing

Music to Write By Like most writers, I listen to music when I write. But not just any music. I find that I’m the most productive when I listen to the tunes on my MP3 players. I’ve had my SanDisk … Continue reading

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Flu pandemics in Fiction

While most would agree that death and disease are not laughing matters, they provide plenty of fodder for fiction writers. Why? Aside for the drama of life and death stakes, pandemics have played pivotal roles in human history. Europe would … Continue reading

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New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Like most people in the world, I think a new year is an excellent time to make a few changes for the better. One of my resolutions is to keep writing. To that end, I’ve decided … Continue reading

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