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As I get older, I begin to suck more and more at time management. It’s not that I don’t have them, it’s that I want to squander my time on things I want to do not what I should be … Continue reading

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Free Writers Workshop

Come to the Tempe Library for a free workshop on writing romance and romantic elements.

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One word can have lots of meanings. Take garden for example. My niece-in-law is British and uses the term to convey any backyard. For most Americans it refers to a formal botanical setting with flowers or an area devoted to … Continue reading

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Translation Please

I bought a book. Okay, I’ve bought many, many, many books. All of them written in English. But this particular book was about finance. Finance. Yeah, it was a conspiracy book about those with stars upon thars out to save … Continue reading

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I’ve been writing for over 2 decades now. In that time, I’ve discarded several books. Some will never see the light of day. Others I’ll be revisiting. Revisiting is hard for me to do. There’s a reason a story was … Continue reading

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A Newbie Mistake

It happens to every writer. You pour your soul onto a page, polish the prose, and submit it to your critique partner(s). Only to discover you’ve done the data dump. Too much backstory had slowed the pacing to a crawl. … Continue reading

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I don’t really consider myself a collector of gadgets. Apparently, I like to do things the hard way. Let’s face it, there are good reasons why most gadgets exist: to solve a unique problem. Here in no apparent order are … Continue reading

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