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Heading out

I’m never sure if preparing for a vacation or returning from a vacation, makes work seem like so much work. There is the anticipation of the vacation when I am master of my time. And let’s not rule out sleep. … Continue reading

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Pooling together

Last monday, there was a storm. And dust and leaves filled my pool. On Tuesday, I was outside at 4am vacuuming and backwashing and emptying the pump basket. On Wednesday, another storm blew in. Lots of rain (yay!) and leaves … Continue reading

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The monsoons are here and yesterday, we actually got rain. Lots of rain. It was wonderful. Yes, I went outside in it. Yes, I splashed in a few puddles. And yes, I grumbled about the humidity when it was over. … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day to America

As we Americans plant to binge on barbecue and pie, I wish to thank our service women and men. The PD and Fire and medical staff who respond to gunshots and fireworks gone awry. The utility companies who keep the … Continue reading

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Writing Math

I like science. I love math. I love them because they make sense. But then you throw in writing and the math starts obeying other laws. Laws that don’t make sense. Today, I hoped to finish my book. So I … Continue reading

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House Hunting with a Twist

So the hubbinator and I have been watching the BBC programme Escape to the Continent on Netflix. On the show, folks are looking to leave behind the UK to settle elsewhere in Europe. We especially like the ones where the … Continue reading

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Friday Futurecast: Water

We are a country that is a continent wide. It’s a bit mind-boggling to think about it, really. But this puts us in an enviable position. With ever-shifting weather patterns, we can take advantage of rain on one coast and shift … Continue reading

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