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Well that didn’t go as planned

2018 is nearly gone and well, let’s just say most of what I wanted to do I didn’t. I supposed I learned a lesson in flexibility, but I didn’t want to learn it so there’s that. I did manage to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Tonight the first of our Christmas celebrations begins. From me to you and yours,  I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas or whichever of the many holidays that are celebrated this time of year. Take care. Be safe. Have … Continue reading

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Making a List

As the time to the holidays grows small, the number of things I have to do expands exponentially. To keep track of everything, I thought about making a list. Yes, I know. Lists are bad for the memory. But what … Continue reading

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I might be part cat

It hit me the other day. I might be part cat. You see, I ordered a Fitbit in the mail. Yes, it is to track the steps I walk and to remind me to stand every hour, but it is to … Continue reading

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Where did they come from

I was at Sprouts the other day when I came across Jordan almonds in Christmas colors. Which got me curious. Where did this tradition come from and why is it usually associated with weddings? Apparently, the hard sugar-coated almonds date … Continue reading

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That time of the year

It’s that time of year for Christmas carols on the radio. Which means,  I have added to the playlist on my iPad. So far, I’ve added: Peppermint Winter Which led to this one: But I haven’t forgotten the classics:   … Continue reading

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Made you look

Yes, we shopped on Black Friday. After a little hemming and hawing, I convinced the hubbinator to purchase a new tool chest on wheels. I had this one in mind: Something relatively compact that I could put the miter saw … Continue reading

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