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Book signings (How much is that author at the table?)

I’m an extreme introvert but like many authors I do book signings. Not many and never, ever by myself. Putting myself in front of others makes me physically ill so it helps to have the support of my fellow writers … Continue reading

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Interview with Connie Flynn

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s guest is the fantastic Connie Flynn talking werewolves. Leave a comment because she’s giving away one of her books! What prompted you to write that first book? Did you always want to be an author? I’ve … Continue reading

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Interview with Tracy Sumner

What are some of the advantages to re-releasing titles from your backlist? Easy one! Imagine, in the previous world of publishing, these books we loved (and you love them like children when you create them, at least I do), well, … Continue reading

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Blue Maneuver-Chapter Three

Chapter Three I jerked awake and the world started its mad tango. Again. Cotton batting shrouded my thoughts while stray memories struggled to poke through. This wasn’t quite the do-over I’d imagined, especially if it cost my meeting with Mr. … Continue reading

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Happy President’s Day (US)

Happy President’s Day to everyone in the US. I’m avoiding political commentary and just saying we’ve had some really great presidents. But since it is a day off, I’m not posting a blog. So there:P

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The King is dead; How Long will the New King Live? by Toni V. Sweeney

The King is dead; How Long will the New King Live? The hero’s always, handsome, a brave warrior, the best in the kingdom, dedicated to fighting, fighting, fighting—with occasionally forays into the other battlefield, the boudoir—and nothing more. The heroine’s … Continue reading

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Chapter Two-Blue Maneuver

Chapter Two I struggled in that murky place between sleep and waking, awareness and oblivion. Rolling over to put out the heat licking my back, I groaned. Please God, don’t let the air-conditioner be broken! I couldn’t afford another bill. … Continue reading

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Chapter One-Blue Maneuver

Chapter One Alone in an isolated park at dawn, I was practically a statistic waiting to happen. Except, I wasn’t supposed to be alone. Shoving my damp bangs under my hair band, I scanned the Cave Creek Recreation Area. No … Continue reading

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Some of the greatest Fictional inventions

As I was in bed last night, listening to the dog lick itself, I got to thinking about some of my favorite things that I’d love to see made into a reality. So here they are in no particular order: … Continue reading

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Is a job a job? By author Jill James

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m pleased to have Jill James on my blog today talking about the career choices our heroes make. Take it away Jill. A job is a job… Or is it? In most romance novels these days it … Continue reading

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