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Friday Funny—If You’re Under 55 you might not get these

This has been around before, but is well worth another look . The pictures are nice but make sure you read the Neil Armstrong story at the end.   If you are under 55, you simply won’t understand. This one is still around  … Continue reading

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When the going gets stressed, the stressed get coloring.

At my great niece’s birthday party, I was talking to my niece who was talking about the benefits of coloring books. Coloring books. I remember them. I actually have a few pages my sisters colored with me while I was … Continue reading

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Getting in Touch with my Inner Scarlet O’Hara

Thursday morning at 3AM, my husband walked across our bedroom floor and stepped into something. Given that we have cats, he thought they might be the culprit, until he took the next step. Then it was an uh-oh moment. You … Continue reading

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Some Enchanted Autumn—Halloween Paranormal Romance

amazon Kobo Barnes and Noble Chapter Three We danced tonight, though many suitors vied for your attention. Take my hand. Let me banish the shadows from your eyes. Anonymous September 1st, 1918 Home. Lonnie waved to a neighbor as they … Continue reading

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Friday Funny—Pictures and More

“In The Heat Of The Moment” An Airplane’s View Of A Distant Storm Open Water Roll Cloud Creative Mirror Positioning Light Show at the Grand Canyon “UFO” Spotted In   Seattle Waterspouts Over The   Adriatic A Full Circle Rainbow The Studley Tool Chest … Continue reading

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How Many Pumpkins does it Take to Make a Halloween?

I finally have all my Halloween decorations up and guess what? There seems to be a vast quantity of pumpkins. Everywhere. I have them as bowls for candy, on flags in my windows and hanging from the eaves outside.  I … Continue reading

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amazon Kobo iBooks Nook Chapter Two Alone we are tempting prey. Let us walk through this life’s journey together. Anonymous August 25th 1918 Looks like you should have put a bonding spell on your fiancé.” Sarcasm laced The Dugan’s voice. “What … Continue reading

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