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Doing Better

I started last year with high hopes that I would read through these magazines that have been collecting on a shelf in my livingroom since 2013. I made it about halfway there. And now have 31 magazines to go. Not … Continue reading

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Shuffling about

We spent the last weekend moving. Not out of our house. Let’s not get crazy. No, we put the dining room back in the dining room and moved the living room back into the family room, leaving the living room … Continue reading

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off course

I know other authors who plot out their book chapter by chapter in a 26 page document before they even begin to write Chapter 1. I start with an opening scene and the end. Then on occasion, I write out … Continue reading

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Sorry but

Beards. Some people love them. Unless they are close-clipped and well-groomed or Santa Clause, I hate them. I have 2 references for beards. Two. You’re either a scraggly beard dude looking for membership in the Taliban. Or, you’re one of … Continue reading

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It’s the emotion baby

My daughter wrote lyrics to help her process some of her recent experiences. She asked me to look at what she wrote. She did a fabulous job as I heard the rap and music as I read, but when it … Continue reading

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Double it

We are still unboxing, still working on those finishing touches of this phase of the remodel. And so, I decided to eliminate one more box by installing a new light/fan and light switch in the dining room. The switch was … Continue reading

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Do you believe?

I was at lunch with coworkers the other day, and one mentioned that many people in this country and others, especially where nationalism (not to be confused with patriotism) is on the rise, suffer from Mental Poverty. Not having heard … Continue reading

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