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Do you believe?

I was at lunch with coworkers the other day, and one mentioned that many people in this country and others, especially where nationalism (not to be confused with patriotism) is on the rise, suffer from Mental Poverty. Not having heard … Continue reading

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Undecking the Halls

We are among the last holdouts of the neighborhood. The ones who leave their Christmas decorations up until the Epiphany, or the 12th Day of Christmas (yes it is more than just a song, no I don’t have 11 lords … Continue reading

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Although the biggest pieces of the remodel are finished, there are still tons of little things we have to do. I managed to find time over the holidays to hang some shelves. Lots of shelves. I love the storage. these … Continue reading

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Can’t have just one

I tried. I really did. My son and the hubbinator have this thing. Apparently, there is this unwritten rule where you can only burn one scented candle until it is gone. So I did it. I tried just the one … Continue reading

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What are you reading?

I managed to finish 2 of Carola Dunn’s Daisy Dalyrumple mysteries over the Christmas Holidays. So I started in January with two books: 101 Safety and Self-Defense Tips And I am debating which cozy mystery I’ll pick up for the … Continue reading

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The idea

We are well and truly into 2020. I guess it is time to figure out how I’m going to spend the days, weeks, and months ahead. Last year was full of tremendous change. I’m still reeling from it, still adapting … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

  Happy New Year everyone! Let’s hope we all have 2020 vision. Until next time!

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