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We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

That… the bad driver in front of you can’t hear your critique of their performance you will look at the bad driver as you pass to cast aspersions upon their character, parentage, etc. a pile of dog doo in the … Continue reading

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See What Happens When You’re Not Looking

I don’t have cable. I don’t have satellite. I have a computer, an antennae and a Netflix subscription. Since I spend most of my free time writing and perfecting my hamster act on the treadmill, I don’t watch TV much. … Continue reading

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Two Years to Immortality

In case you hadn’t heard, life is funny. We recently had an opportunity to be in Downtown Phoenix with a few hours to kill. Because it was a nice day, I thought my husband and I would walk around. We … Continue reading

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Books, Books and More Books

Yes, I have a book addiction. I love the smell and touch of books. I love to read books. And I love/hate to buy them. These are some that I’ve bought in the last 45 days. They are just my … Continue reading

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E.R. Davis Dishes on the Color Blue and Vampires

The Color of Magic First: Terry Pratchett fans, look away… or stay, bearing in mind I’m talking about a different color of magic. A color minus the U, among other things. Second: Thanks to Linda for inviting me to talk … Continue reading

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They like me. They really do

You know the saying, if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans. Well, I posted my goals for the new year, including my agressive writing schedule and giggles erupted in Heaven. Last month, two of my publishers … Continue reading

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Conceived in Blood Now Available!

The cannibals have been unleashed. For a limited time only it’ll be 99cents (USD). The end of our world was the beginning of theirs. A hundred years after the apocalypse, noble intentions will war with savage instinct. Four groups of … Continue reading

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A Pound of Flesh

There was a time I thought I’d never finish. But inch by inch, square by square, I sewed. And I sewed. And I sewed. And I messed up (Don’t look too closely). Yes, those are skulls and crossbones on the … Continue reading

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Authors in Bloom Blog Hop

Yep, it’s springtime and that means we’re growing, er, books?  Okay, so it’s a blog hop and each author on the list is posting about gardening. I planted my garden at the end of February and that was late. My … Continue reading

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Conceived in Blood, Chapter 9, a post-Redaction Novel

Here’s hoping the whole book will be available next week. Chapter 9 Her stalker would have to attack soon. Sera bit her lip and struggled over the uneven terrain. Pine needles crunched underfoot. No point in being quiet. Her stalker … Continue reading

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