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Old versus New

It’s an odd thing—This consumer economy. We live in a time when we throw things away rather than repair them. Given the obvious benefit to companies, most don’t even bother providing manuals anymore. It’s better for their bottom line. Some … Continue reading

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Yes, We Did

On our Amazon prime subscription, a movie was suggested to us. One that the algo gods thought we might enjoy. It was Bad Ben, part of the Steelman Road movies. The hubbinator who usually tries to take over the world via … Continue reading

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Losing a Day

There’s this thing that causes people to lose time. It’s called a migraine. Migraines are fun times. That’s sarcastic, folks. I had plans for this weekend. Fun plans. They started with the stuff below. But then Sunday morning I woke … Continue reading

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Did you ever play the game…

Did you ever play the game, what’s that smell? I’m not talking the foodie one that starts with does this smell bad to you, and it’s curdled milk or something worse that engages the gag reflex. No, I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Going Short

There is a trend for cross-promotion in writing for authors to share a world. On one hand, by having a common framework in stories, authors can showcase their individual talents. The most common of these would be books written around … Continue reading

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Preparing for the end

Not of the world, but of the time when grocery stores will stop bagging my purchases in plastic sacks. It’s coming, faster than we thought. And I’m not opposed to the move. Sure, it will save grocery stores money, but … Continue reading

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