Fantasy/Time Travel Romances

KNIGHTcovA Knight’s Wish

One wish.

Kaylee was on her own long before the magical nonsense of the Knights of the Living Five deprived her of a family. Careworn and alone, she survives on the skill of her hands and the grace of her rundown farm until a greedy developer, a string of bad luck and an overly bright star seduce her into wishing for something more.

One unforgettable knight.

Malcolm finds justice, peace and acceptance as a Knight of the Living Five. As the only Knight from the twelfth century, he will claim the deposed tyrant’s empire as his own. On the eve of the final battle, Malcolm and his children are hurtled into a world embodying his every nightmare. As he looks for a way to return to the past, though Malcolm begins to wonder if Kaylee holds instead the key to his future.


Barnes and Noble

HintofMagic-WEBfsA Hint of Magic

When the handsome, if somewhat odd, professor hires her to house-sit for him, Molly has no idea she’s about to enter a world she doesn’t believe exists, a world where villains from the distant past travel across time in search of five powerful gems and a battered stuffed dragon shares secrets with her young son. Her life becomes even more surreal when her employer not only says he wants to marry her but insists on it–and Molly isn’t about to argue. She needs to provide her son a complete family to keep her ex from gaining custody.

Molly doesn’t believe in magic and fairy tales are for children and people who haven’t had to deal with life and its sharp corners. It may be that very unbelief that will not only shatter her new dreams but destroy everything and everyone she loves.


Barnes and Noble

DancingWEBFSDancing in the Kitchen

The ability to travel through time makes Wizard Alistair Holmes not just the average Joe everyone thinks he is. Determined to save the human race from extinction by stealing an ancient artifact, he has to enlist in the aid of Museum Curator Hannah Jessup.

But Hannah has other ideas. Determined to escape her ho-hum existence and make her life matter, she decides to take things into her own hands.

The trouble is, her quest for adventure could get both her and Alistair killed.


Barnes and Noble

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