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The In Between

Here in Arizona, we have a dry heat. Which means that to cool our house, we use a swamp cooler aka an evaporative cooler. In other words, we add water and cool our air to about 20 degrees below the … Continue reading

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Stories and Writers

I’ll be frank. I haven’t been writing. Not like I used to. I’m been in a meh stage of life, and Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and PBS have been happy to keep me company. But, lately, I’ve been wanting to … Continue reading

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Stations in Life

This was supposed to post on Wednesday, but apparently, my brain has a different version of reality installed:D With staffing shortages at work, I’ve gone back to my sampling ways. It has been ten years since I sampled and while … Continue reading

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In the Dark

I spent the last few weeks watching Dark. It is a German series of ten episodes on Netflix that is part murder mystery and part SciFi series. In essence, you follow a rather large cast of characters around, across generations … Continue reading

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Friday Futurecast: The High Seas

Disclaimer: I hate fish. I hate the taste of it. I hate the texture of it. I hate the smell of it. But I love the ocean. I love to eat the bottom-feeders (crab, lobster, clams) and the soft, squishy … Continue reading

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I thought I was being clever

The hubbinator and I have been working on our backyard.  You know, turning it into something other than a bare patch of dirt. Before the heat kicked in, we invested in 5 new plants. 2 rose bushes 1 lavender bush … Continue reading

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Substitutions not recommended

I’m sure I’m not alone in leaving my charging cord attached to my computer. This allows for overnight charging as well as updates. I always have another as a back-up for when I’m at work, but for the most part, … Continue reading

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