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Happy Halloween Everyone! Stay safe but have fun. Here are my favorite Halloween candies: Big Hunks Dots Almond Joys Hershey’s with Almonds Starbursts Skittles Mr. Goodbar Bubble gum Blow Pops Cherry Lifesavers

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Redaction: Dark Hope Chapter 2 (unedited)

Chapter Two “Medic.” The soldier’s voice rang inside Papa Rose’s head. He squeezed his eyes closed. It wasn’t real. Private Carter had died when they’d rolled across the Kuwaiti border into Iraq. He’d been dead years. They were all dead. … Continue reading

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For Better or Worse, I take thee Werewolf…

Let me just state that despite the current trends, Lon Chaney is and will forever more be my werewolf of choice. He had it all–good looks, tortured soul and a curse he couldn’t avoid. Definite hero material. But where did … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A-List Properties, Inc:
Here are a few ideas for indoor decorations if you are planning a Halloween get together this year.  I usually have a “cheap & easy” rule when it comes to decorating the house for Halloween. …

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ReDo: Redaction: Dark Hope, Chapter One, unedited

Alright ladies and gents. Stop threatening to hurt, maim or kill me. David is safe and his usual loveable self. Here is the new chapter one (which was chapter 3). Chapter One Dirk Benedict blinked. Eyes opened or closed it … Continue reading

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Does anyone really know the truth about Goblins?

With the nights lasting longer and Halloween just around the corner, it is only natural to think about things that go bump in the night. So I turned to the internet to find out what exactly goblins are. The internet … Continue reading

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Who’s got my back-up?

Yep, for those who read my blog a few weeks ago, you’ll know that I am currently sans computer. To say, I’ve a computer addiction is to say someone is a little bit pregnant. Losing my apple green laptop has … Continue reading

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