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Happy Memorial Day

Today in the US, it is Memorial Day. While many will get lost in the pursuit of a good sale and the best bbq ever, take a moment today to remember those who died for freedom. To see the estimated … Continue reading

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As an author, I’m often asked where I get my story ideas. Truthfully, the story fairy has something to do with it. But it usually starts with a question. In this case, it came down to what I’d been taught … Continue reading

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Legends and More from the First World War

It’s only natural that when governments clamp down on news from the front that citizens take the slightest tidbit and make it into a story. In other cases, the truth stands as a story so amazing, it doesn’t need embellishment. … Continue reading

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Acts Against Liberty

In war, everyone makes sacrifices. Not all of them are voluntary, some are legislated. After declaring war on the Central Powers, the US opened another front, a home front, against hyphenated Americans: German-Americans, Irish-Americans, and Jews (who were perceived as hating … Continue reading

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Taking Care

Nothing advances medicine more than war. The injuries inflicted on soldiers and civilians evolve because of advances in weaponry. And while World War 1 was the first fully industrial war, the US Civil War foreshadowed the horrors to come with … Continue reading

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The First International Aid Movement

I grew up in an age of international aid. Any time a disaster happens in the world, nations come together to provide medical, food, and other supplies to those effected. Earthquakes in Haiti, Tsunamis in Japan and Indonesia, or Hurricanes in … Continue reading

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A Hundred Years Ago

For women, remaining single today doesn’t carry the same stigma as it did 100 years ago. You know the words associated with single women—spinster, old maid, dependent aunt, family drudge. Single women were pretty much seen as a burden to … Continue reading

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