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Adding to the list

I love Christmas Carols. Sure I get burnt out listening to them at the beginning of January, but I’m also the person who starts listening to them in June. Yes, June. Since they are on my iPad, I play them … Continue reading

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You know that cat?

Recently, we were able to upgrade our old 90lb 32 inch TV with a nice 49.5inch flat screen TV. No, we didn’t buy a new TV. Our son did and we inherited his old one. Score! Anyway, it was while … Continue reading

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On Fire

I’ll admit to being a bit of a movie addict. So when I learned that Hallmark had taken over Feeln, I was quite keen on being able to watch Hallmark movies without subscribing to cable. So I downloaded the app … Continue reading

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The Lies We Tell

Once upon a time making gifts/cards/presents was cheaper than purchasing manufactured items. Apparently, that was so last century. Or the century before. Either way, it isn’t today. And yet, I still have it in my head that I should make … Continue reading

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Does anyone else have

We have a mini panther, but lately he’s become more of a potty panther. Let me be clear, this is my son’s cat. I may have saved him (for which I was hissed at, although he did share his fleas), … Continue reading

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A Little Help Please

I am in the prepping stages of a dystopian series I plan to start in March and would like some input (let’s call it online brainstorming). What is the one thing you don’t believe people should make money off and … Continue reading

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