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Phoenix Comic Fest in Pictures

One of the best things to do at Comic Fest is to watch my favorite characters stroll by. Here are some of the awesome Cosplayers: I have so many more pictures but who could top Santa and Jason having an … Continue reading

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Happy Memorial Day

To those of us in the US, I wish all of you a happy Memorial Day. In addition to the epic grill sessions, I hope you take a moment to remember those who died in service to this country. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Friday Futurecast: VirtualCons

I’m at Phoenix ComicFest today and I couldn’t help but think about future conferences. Gazing into my magic ball, I see people attending virtual conferences. Like most things the tech will arise from the porn industry—giving sensory and full stimulus … Continue reading

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Taking a risk

In an effort to stretch my branches, I decided to take a risk this last weekend. The risk was two-fold. One, it involved food. And the second is because it involves bacon. You see my oldest had mentioned there was … Continue reading

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Trees versus Shrubs

This last weekend, we went took our kids out to dinner to celebrate the hubbinator’s birthday. It was over food truck tacos, raw fish sandwiches, and craft beer that our oldest told us about trees and shrubs. Not the kind … Continue reading

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Friday’s Futurecast: Algorithms

My first introduction to algorithms via computers ruling the world was through Landru on the original Star Trek series (The Return of the Archons). In many ways, I preferred the Terminator movies. At least there was an enemy to shot, … Continue reading

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Last Saturday, the hubbinator and I took the cans we’d collected for the last several months down to the recycling center. I remember the first time that we found the place. Hardly anyone used it and the lot was mostly … Continue reading

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Phoenix ComicFest, formerly Phoenix Comicon

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I’ll be at Phoenix Comic Fest May 24-27th at the Phoenix Convention center. This year I’ll be signing with a bunch of writing friends Kayce Lassiter, Tina Swayzee McCright, Tia Dani … Continue reading

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Which do you prefer?

I admit I have a bit of an HGTV addiction. I especially love the renovation and house hunting shows. Recently, I discovered the tiny house craze. It started innocently enough with the hunt for a tiny house. Then it branched … Continue reading

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You know it

I logged onto my Netflix account and there it was. All bright and shiny like it was made for me. Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell. You know I watched it. I’ve watched and enjoyed all of the Tremors movies. … Continue reading

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