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Animosity–Chapter 1

Chapter One Clasping his hands behind his back, Brongill of Da’Hap steeled himself against the unease twitching through him. “One thousand, one hundred twelve solar cycles is a long time to be gone.” Laughter drifted on the stale air of … Continue reading

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Survival of the strongest? I don’t think so

WARNING: Rant to follow. Recently I read a series of books that referred to Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest (actually, it’s natural selection). As usual, this was derided to the popular believe that strong, physically fit (in-shape) people would survive. … Continue reading

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Terra No Go

GoDespite the hype, I won’t be watching Terra Nova when it premieres tonight. I love dinosaurs and the chance to see one or more of them dining on a person (especially if I could pick said person) would be fun. … Continue reading

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In the fourth novel of the Tour Director Extraordinaire Series, All For Spilled Blood, Harriet Ruby, our tour director extraordinaire, and her fiancé and favorite spy, Will Talbot, are on a covert assignment in St. Petersburg,Russia. Tsar Peter the Great … Continue reading

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Chapter Three of Fiona

Chapter 3 The cab thumped in and out of a pothole. A shoulder bumped his. Hugh Gurnsey-Barrett, sixth Marquess of Kingslea, ninth Earl of Bookingham, locked his jaw. Cold brushed his exposed flesh. He hunkered further into his borrowed sailor’s … Continue reading

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The Fun with B movies

I love B movies. Especially the old horror/scifi movies. This last weekend thanks to a cold that won’t quite leave, I got to watch plenty of them on Netflix. Below are some of my favorite things that occur. 1.) Women … Continue reading

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Errors in Books

I belong to many lists, groups and boards. Lately, I’ve begun to notice much grousing about the number of errors in books–usually aimed at indie and small press books. Having judged enough contests from both large (NY), small and indie … Continue reading

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Lisa Mondello joins us today

Linda, thank you so much for having me on your blog today! Thanks for being here Lisa. My name is Lisa Mondello and I write both secular and Christian fiction in many forms! I say that because unlike some authors … Continue reading

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Fiona by Linda Andrews (chapter Two)

Chapter 2 — Ha! Milton glided between the three men. See how he places himself between your person and those cads? Not that flesh would stop anything at this range. Ghostly hands measured the distance between the pistol and her … Continue reading

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A Lesson for Life

A man is walking by a manicured lawn where gardeners are busy at work. Something startles him and he jumps back onto a metal rake. The teeth of the rake shoot through the sole of his shoe and stab into … Continue reading

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