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Friday Funny—Why Grandmother’s Yell

Thanks to Hugh for passing this along. Ah, to be a boy again  

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A Time for Us, Paranormal Romance, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 My lover is coming. Perched on the stool atop the oriental rug, Anysia Willot froze, her fingers tight on the key of the clockwork toy. The pressed metal couple twirled one last time before the waltz ended on … Continue reading

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Blue Versus Black, Chapter 5, Urban Scifi

Chapter 5 “You’re an alien.” I glanced at Dad then stuck a finger in my ear and wiggled it around. Nope, that hadn’t been an auditory hallucination. My hearing worked just fine. The night cocooned us. Bats darted and dove … Continue reading

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Is That a Thing? OMG, That is a Thing

Snottite. Yeah, it sounds like something a writer would make up. But it is real. Very, very real. Have you heard of stalagmites and stalactites, well meet their very snotty cousin. Apparently this lovely bacteria hangs from caves and has … Continue reading

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New Release: A Time for Us, Paranormal Romance

Woo-hoo! July is shaping up to be an awesome month. I have a new romance released. So if you’re in the mood to celebrate the Christmas/New Year season early, pick up a copy. Minutes count. Dodging desperate women eager to … Continue reading

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Blue versus Black, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 “I thought CeeBees were supposed to enhance their host’s endurance?” Viktor jogged ahead of me. The showoff ran backward, a smirk on his lips. I slogged along. One sneaker in front of the other took about as much … Continue reading

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Cover Reveal—Hadean 3: Completely Forked

Coming August 20th.

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