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Well, That Didn’t Go as Planned, Part 2 (tales of a haircut)

To add to the weekend fun, I decided to cut the hubbinator’s hair this weekend. No, that isn’t the horror in the story. I’ve cut his hair. Just don’t look at the back. He moved as I was shaving his … Continue reading

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Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

I had plans for the weekend. Big plans. Alas, things didn’t happen as I planned. My big goal for the weekend was to find, strip, and repaint the closet doors to my daughter’s old bedroom. Well, I found the doors. … Continue reading

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Three Belles

There’s nothing like being sick to help ¬†you catch up on your movie watching. I had planned on extending my Halloween viewing time into September and I still will, but being home alone and not really feeling like doing anything … Continue reading

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They’re Up!

This weekend while taking the dog for his morning walk, the temperature dropped down to a brisk 78 degrees F. Yes! It was time to turn off the ACs and turn on the house fan. Then we could open windows … Continue reading

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What’s Old is New Again

We have a channel that plays old black and white mysteries on Sunday morning. More specifically, they play vintage Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce Sherlock Holmes movies. And while I didn’t grow up when these shows were shown in theaters, … Continue reading

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They Like Us Again

Our alpha cat has problems. She licks patches of fur off, sometimes until she causes scabs. So recently, we changed up her food. We started with the wet food that we feed the cats. None of our five cats ate … Continue reading

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Is This How Crazy Starts?

A while ago I purchased a few earring kits on clearance from Oriental Trading Company. This weekend, while I binged on Netflix, I thought I would make some of the sets. Actually, all the pairs came in groups of six. … Continue reading

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When Netflix Leads to the Kitchen, Part II

In addition to making bread, I also was intrigued by the way the hostess of Taste of the Country kept referring to family recipes when she cooked. Thanks to my oldest sister, I do have 2 collections of family recipes. … Continue reading

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When Netflix Leads to the Kitchen

I have a coworker who’s always sharing her favorite Netflix show that she discovered. Recently, she shared her love of a show called Taste of the Country. The show is set on South Pond Farm in Ontario. I get cold … Continue reading

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Syn-En: Home World, Chapter 5

Chapter Five Nell looped her arms around Bei’s neck and held him tight. Adrenaline drained from her body, and she shivered from the cold. Peeking through her lashes, she surveyed the camp. Syn-En in black carried injured to the beetle-shaped … Continue reading

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