She’s making a list

Tree With ornamentsWhen I was young, the arrival of the Christmas catalogs were a magical time. I remember spending hours pouring over the pages, circling the items I wanted.

For my children, they enjoyed the Christmas ads. I’d pick up the circulars and find pages of circles and tears from the pen tips.

And have no idea which of my three kids wanted what.

So, like all good moms and dads, I asked for lists of things they wanted. Of course, this had the evil benefit of having them write words (and, yes, spelling mattered because some of those things were…what is that?).

Soon I was receiving lists with links to where the items could be bought. This included things shipped directly from China, making the Thanksgiving deadline imperative.

And, because I am truly evil, when my kids were old enough, they were told how much money would be spent on them and either they prioritized their lists or they didn’t go over their limit. (Yes, budgeting and prioritizing were Christmas gifts I gave my children:D).

And so it is the time of lists and links. It makes shopping and life easier, and for that I am thankful.

Until next time.

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Stuff and Nonsense

There is nothing that can invoke greater fear in my heart than the words, we’re moving. Truly, I’m starting to stress about an event that is about 9 years in our future.


Because of the accumulation of stuff. Lots of stuff. Rooms of stuff.

Kids moved out and stuff moved in kind of stuff.

How did I acquire all this stuff? Part of it is because I’m a packrat. I like to keep the stuff that I bought. Others must be a holdover from a previous life. Oh, look a screw, I can’t throw that away, I might need it some day.

I need to use the stuff that I have and start giving away the stuff that I don’t use. Which sounds a lot easier than it is. Because I might need that stuff one day.

So I plan to start looking at the stuff I’ve accumulated very carefully in the hopes that one day I can put it in the bin to give to charity. I’m sure other people can use my stuff:D.

Then again, I do have nine years.

And books don’t count as stuff. I don’t care what my husband says. Everyone knows a dream home has a library:D

Until next time.

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Circle of Trust

Writers, like all creative people, tend to be a secretive bunch. We don’t always like folks to look at our work while it is in progress, usually because it is ugly and we know it needs some work.

But we are also people who crave understanding by those close to us, and so we choose who we will talk to about our projects. Many times it is trusted individuals we like to bounce ideas off of or brainstorm with.

Yesterday, my parents were visiting and I explained my brilliant story idea that I was tackling for NaNoWriMo. It is a bit of a departure from my usual lines but it feeds the darkness inside me while I’m also writing a Rom-Com.

As I got farther and farther along, my mother started making comments about how grisly the story sounded. My dad was more intrigued by the mystery part. As I told the end, my mother said it sounded too gory and that maybe she didn’t want to read it.

I was a bit disappointed, as my mother reads all my books before they’re published to see if I’ve dropped a plot point I hadn’t intended.

My dad said he thought the ending would satisfy the justice we all crave.

Without missing a beat, my mom said, yeah, but the serial killer has to know and fear what is about to happen to him. She wanted him to suffer for there to be justice.

I just smiled, because really, that’s what I had intended all along:D.

Until next time.

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November 11th

99 years ago.

10 million dead.

On the 11th Day of the 11th Month at the 11th hour, the first World War came to an end. Sadly, the armistice didn’t stop the dying as many of the wounded succumbed in the days, weeks, and months afterwards.

The War to end all wars didn’t end them at all.

Nor did the war shed much light on possibly the most prevailing untreated wound of all—battle fatigue currently known as PTSD.

Tomorrow, as many around the world take time to remember their dead and those of us in the US honor those veterans still alive, take a moment to say thanks and to be thankful.

In the words of Winston Churchill when speaking about another war, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few“.

Until next time.



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The Railway

I love trains. Thankfully, the hubbinator does as well, and one of the things we’ve always wanted to do was ride the Verde Canyon Railway during the Fall, to you know, see those colors everyone else always brags about.

Right after lunch, we headed for the depot and waited our turn to board. The carriage had been restored and since it was first class, had comfy seats that were more like couches bracketing coffee tables.

Attached to the car was a second open air, view car that offered better views than those available inside. We were in the third to the last car heading out but third from the engines on the return trip. The views of the mesas were gorgeous but I admit a fondness for the canyons cut by the Verde River seen in the third picture below.


I’ll admit that on the four hour journey, I sketched out a story idea of what would happen if the train pulled into the station after zombies took over.

But my brain squirreled as we went through a tunnel and sat in near total darkness. After all, what better place to have a murder:D. I may have been under the influence of the trailers for the new Orient Express movie.

Until next time!

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Arizona Copper Art Museum, Part 4

I’m sure some of you are ready for me to move along, so I’m certain a few of you will be happy to know this is the last post on the Copper Museum.

And, while I often draw upon history to add authenticity to my stories, I also use museums to search for objects that survivors of the apocalypse can use. In this museum, there was a whole room devoted to brewing beer and wine.

A must have commodity for the apocalypse, not just for drinking instead of unsanitary water, but for cleaning wounds.



It was nice that the museum put some of it on wheels, but I won’t lie. I really loved the dragon.

Of course, in case of zombies, the museum has you covered, too. Naturally, they don’t want just anyone to know of the tools’ dual use, but those of us who love stories of the zompac know implements of survival when we see them:D


Until next time!

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The Arizona Copper Art Museum, Part 3

Now, if you know anything about cooking, you probably know that many consider copper pans the ‘gold’ standard in pots and pans. The museum didn’t disappoint and had a huge room devoted to cooking and copper.


They had exhibits that showcased the evolution of kitchen/copper technology like this old ‘faucet’, hearth cooking, and oven.



Frankly, I’d take either stove provided someone taught me how to cook on it.

But then I turned around and voila.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh, yes I could be quite happy here. And I left wiping just a little drool off my chin:D



Until next time.

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