Friday Fun Fact

The nose and ears never stop growing.

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Maker Monday

Yay, I actually had time to work on some cards. I am very behind in making Thank You cards and there’s plenty of birthday cards to make, too. At least, this is a start even if the thank you cards are going to my mom.

These are from the Sheetload of Cards by Call me Crafty Al

These were created by designs by Kristie Marcotte.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Before every long weekend, there is a longer work week.

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In one of the youtube videos that I watched, the crafter mentioned that it is easier to make cards using an assembly line technique.

One day, I would cut the papers. The next day, I would stamp the sentiments and images. The third day, I would color the images. On the fourth, I would cut everything out. And on the last day, I would stick everything together.

Um, it didn’t quite work that way.

I did spend most of my weekend cutting, stamping and coloring.

Then the work week came and I just didn’t want to craft when mindless TV called.

So now, I have to find some spark of motivation to finish gluing the cards. It is weird, in that assembling the cards takes nearly as much time as prepping the cards.

In other words, the assembly line technique shows that my cards should cost over 30 dollars each to recoup the cost of my time.

Good thing, I’m not in it for the money. I do like the cards and they are nice to look at and better to send. So, I’ll keep on, keeping on. I just have to find the motivation to finish the cards during the week.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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There’s always something to do

I have reached that age where there is always something to do. Usually, it is around the house. And no, I don’t mean the daily and weekly grind of mundane tedium–ie you ate so there are now dishes to wash.

I’m talking weird things. Things like changing the AC filters and turning the mattress.

I’m pretty sure those chores were in the fine print of the adulting agreement.

I’m sure I could not do those things, but that would lead to costly repairs and replacements. And I am too cheap for that.

If you say I could pay someone to do them for me, then you didn’t read the last line in the paragraph above. Also, there’s the ick factor of people involved and the talking to them. Um, no thanks.

Of course, if I didn’t live in a nice house with a nice bed to sleep in, then I wouldn’t have these problems. So maybe instead of grumping about it, I should be grateful.

After all, whether you are a glass half full or half empty, it is still a glass that can hold more or less stuff–it all depends on what I do with it.

Until next time, stay healthy.

PS–this post was written under the influence of allergy meds and pain relief medication. Migraines are no one’s friend.

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Friday Fun Fact

There are those who think winter is cocoa season.

But cocoa is good every season.

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This month’s reading

It’s funny how a little cancer scare can derail hobbies and habits. For nearly half a year, I haven’t read. I love to read, but somewhere in the back of my head was this worry that gnawed at the pleasure I derived from reading.

So now that is mostly over, I plan to get back to the business of reading.

First up is my usual cozy mystery, this time a twofer that was on sale:

Yes, it is part of a series and I am on the second book in the bundle. Still in the mood for murder at Christmas time. Of course, if I am being frank, I am always in the mood for a little murder.

The next book, I don’t plan to finish. I am hoping to skim it and get some helpful stress management tools out of it. I might even look at the recipes, since I like food.

What’s on your reading list this January?

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Christmas Carnage

There is no doubt that the puppy made some serious inroads and upped the kill rate for this year’s ornaments. Yet, I can’t help but think that the cats had a hand in knocking a few of them off the tree just to divert the puppy away from their presents.

I can’t even tell the final tally but I have a feeling pooper-scooper duty in the backyard this month will help me know just how many were lost.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Happy New Year

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The Question of Ownership

I firmly believe they are my slippers. I purchased them. They have my feet imprinted in them. I’m sure my DNA lives in every velvety inch of them.

Yet, the new puppy would disagree.

She brings them out from my bedroom. She plays with them while I am at work. She shakes her head and allows the ends to smack her on the face. She even barks at them.

And still the struggle continues. As soon as I slip my feet in them, she’s there–maw around the pom-poms tugging and pulling to free them and run away with them.

They aren’t going to last through the winter. She’s already matted the pom-poms into lumps and is now actively biting the tops of them too in her liberation efforts. I have been pinched in the process and have jerked my foot away, leaving her the victory of a slipper.

So, while I still believe they are my slippers, it may be time to let her have them. Too bad, she doesn’t seem to want them if I’m not in them.

Ah well.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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