Why I’ll Never Be Rich

I watch Antiques Roadshow. I love the show. The hubbinator and I like to guess how much things are worth.

And I’m usually wrong.

Really, really wrong on things that I don’t like or think are ugly.

Seems that those end up being the most valuable items on the show that evening. This is why I’ll never be rich. I’ll pass up that twisted piece of sculpture for a velvet Elvis and bam! There goes my retirement.

Ah, well. I’m rich in other ways.

And I am surrounded by things I like. So, I guess I’ll take that as a win. Riches aren’t confined to things, they’re most often found in people.

In the meantime, we’ll keep guessing. Right or wrong, it’s all fun.

Until next time.

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Taking it easy

I’ve reached the quarter point in my latest novel.

I had hoped to be further along, but life and the day job and that sense of bleh keep getting in the way.

My critique partner says it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

Part of me was like Yay!

But the other part of me was like shouldn’t the current work in progress always be the greatest thing an author has written? Shouldn’t I always be looking to improve my storytelling abilities?

But here in the real world, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes the things I learn, set me back not take me forward.

Writing is weird.

And hard. This book is hard to write because of the emotions I need to access to ‘bleed’ onto the page. After 50 works written, I thought it would get easier. It hasn’t, maybe because I know all the things I did wrong when I first started.

Ah well. I didn’t start writing because it was easy. Perversely, I write because it is hard because it challenges the little gray cells. Sometimes I just wish it was easier. Ah well, it’ll be worth it.

Until next time.

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Ride with me

The weather is cool. The days are short. It’s fall. And, for Arizona, it came early. Yay!

After months of being cooped up inside and living like a vampire (only going out when it’s dark), there is finally an opportunity to get some Vitamin D. Usually this involves walks through the park, but we wanted to branch out without having to drive for miles.

So the hubbinator and I decided to purchase bicycles.

Beach cruisers as they’re called. The hubbinator wanted blue but all they had was black. I wanted green but it was $100 more. So we both got red bikes.

When I asked the hubbinator if this was how it starts, us getting matching everything, a passerby shouted “Don’t answer. It’s a trap.”

We picked them up yesterday, after walking about a mile to the store. Then rode them home.


It has been years since I’ve ridden a bike. And with the handbrakes instead of the foot/pedal breaks I was concerned, I’d go over the handles. The guy at exhale bikes said it was unlikely to happen given the bike’s low center of gravity. I said I accepted the challenge and was sad that he underestimated my abilities.

I tested the brakes in the parking lot, near the haunted house, figuring if I did fall off I’d be a bloody mess and fit right in, so no one would know I was clumsy.

Alas that didn’t happen. Turns out riding a bike is exactly like riding a bike. I didn’t forget  how to do it, although I did have a wobbly start.

There was something the hubbinator and I noticed—the bikes had a lot more power than the standard cheapo bikes we’d purchased over the years. A lot more power. It was awesome.

Until next time.

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How Does this work

Over the weekend, the hubbinator and I decided to check out a bbq place up the road from our house.

We’d seen the Naked BBQ pop up when we searched for restaurants nearby.

Our oldest two children beat us there.

And the food smelled heavenly. Which made it all the worse as they didn’t share.

So, after our grocery shopping/household errand adventures on Saturday, we decided to check it out.

We turned into the strip mall where it was supposed to be located only to find it hidden in the corner behind a donut shop.

It was after 1PM when we walked in and we both decided on the brisket sandwich. The hubbinator wanted fries but they served traditional bbq sides. So he ordered mac and cheese, and I had to potato salad (mustard/egg based).

There were pickled onions and pickles on the side. We were surprised that there wasn’t a sauce option but were up for the challenge.

The meat was amazingly tender and flavorful. The sides were good. I had to eat the hubbinator’s pickles because he didn’t like them. And they were fresh with that perfect bite of vinegar that hits you in the jaw.

We were about halfway through our meals when we noticed the bbq sauce dispenser next to the mustard. Doh! I added some of the hot to my sandwich while the hubbinator finished his naked. (Get it?)

Anyway, we’ll return and eat the bbq properly.

Until next time.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

It started with my mother about a decade ago.

Last year, one of my sisters joined the club.

Two months ago, my aunt became a member.

They are ladies with breast cancer. My mom and sister are survivors. My aunt will be, too.

We don’t have the breast cancer gene in our family. Clearly, the absence of it doesn’t make you safer. We don’t have high-risk factors, but that was no protection.

The reason my family survived was because their cancer was caught early. I urge all of you to give yourself a monthly breast exam after your next period ends. And the next, and the next. And if you don’t have a period then find a point and stick to it.

I pray no one else gets breast cancer, but if you do may the odds be in your favor.

Until next time.

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Tea Time

It’s been raining here for four days straight. Awesome. It actually feels kind of like fall with the temperatures in the high 80s.

So naturally, I think it’s time to switch to something warm to drink.

It started with a tin of tea that is probably about 17 years old. Yes, I used the tea bags. And the tea tasted great. Ditto with some loose tea from 5 years ago. Then I tried a musty box of apple cinnamon tea from last year. Bleh.

Then I set off on a search for some awesome tea to stock up on that wouldn’t lose its flavor within a year.

I’ll be restocking my supply of tea forte and searching for flavor temptations from Stash(?). I have a couple of rogue tea bags from Tapestry, and my sister hooked me up with this awesome blue raspberry tea from The Spice and Tea Exchange, a Portland company, that I will be exploring.

But for now, I’m visiting the Republic of Tea and their tea assortment. Which by far, Blueberry sage is my favorite.  I also ordered lemon chiffon (which tastes like cake batter) and Vanilla almond (which tastes like an almond cookie) and their Mango Ceylon which wasn’t as flavorful as the others. They did tempt me with a free Christmas tea bag but it wasn’t anything over the top special like the others. But they do have some Christmas variety packs that are on my list.

I see tea hoarding in my future:D

Until next time.

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Prepping for the holidays

October 1st. The holidays are coming. Sure, I may have had my Halloween decorations up since the beginning of September, but that’s not holiday prep.

That’s just fun.

So what do I mean by holiday prep?

I mean clearing out space to make room for all those supplies your going to buy.

From Scotch tape and wrapping paper to napkins and tablecloths.

And in my case, it’s baking. I love to bake and with the temperatures actually out of the triple digits for the first time in months I’m ready to heat up my oven for baking breads, cookies, brownies, cakes etc.

This means I have to clean out the two freezers (one an upright freezer the other attached to my fridge). I’ve already found 2 bags of buried chocolate chips with about a 1/4 of chips in each. And I just bought a new 5lb bags of chips. I also have some toffee chips and caramel chips.

Then I must move on to my pantry. Do you have any idea what year-old marshmallows look like? I do. It’s not pretty. It’s kind of scary actually. I thought the swollen bag might explode like a balloon popping and mutant marshmallows taking over the dark places in my kitchen.

What do you do to prep for the holiday season?

Until next time.

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