Things No One Told Me

Growing older is an adventure. Not because of the things you do or visit, but because of what your body teaches you.

Things like groomed eyebrows can turn into Old-School Klingon eyebrows over night, and there’s always one hair that point accusingly at you in the mirror.

Chin whiskers are real things and come in many colors.

White hair grows everywhere.

For men, head hair migrates to the shoulders, backs, ears, and nose.

Age spots are reminders of the good old days when baby oil helped to fry us to a nice golden color.

Farting can be a means of propulsion for those needing a boost in the morning.

Years have an inverse relationship with how much you care about others opinions.

The well of fucks to give runs drier faster than ever before.

Sometimes, you are willing to give up those years at the end to do what you want.

And best of all, your brain may forget why you came into a room but your knees will remind you all about that skateboard/surfing accident from when you were 10.

So here’s to getting older.

It’s better than the alternative:D

Until next time.

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Best Intentions

I meant to write all weekend. To add some needed word count to projects. But a text bomb from work decimated my plans.

I managed to write one chapter before the plans were derailed and 2 more chapters were dictated.

But, now I’m back at work waiting to talk to lawyers.

And then we’ll go from there.

I’ve got to find a way to take back my power. Or quit and go become a hermit in the woods.

Wait. Hermits don’t write books they write manifestos.

Hmmm. Tempting but I guess I’ll just stay and see how things pan out.

Better days are coming.

Until next time.

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You know the type. The ones that speed because the limits apply to everyone except them. The cheaters, liars, etc. to whom the law doesn’t apply.

Exceptional characters are common figures in apocalyptic fiction.

They’re the ones who break the cordon when an outbreak occurs. Depending on the story, they either spread the disease leading to pandemics, killing loads more people, or survive to lead others to safety.

They’re the leaders.

They’re the loners.

And the rules apply to everyone except them.

They can be heroes.

They can also be villains.

It all depends on the circumstances. And when you have one of each in the same story. Well, that’s just great entertainment.

Until next time.

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Decisions, Decisions

I took a couple days off work. I had not realized how badly the stress was getting to me until it started to ease. I had hoped to write. You know, finish that book that I started last summer.


There are so many other options. So many things to distract me and let me decompress without thinking and the temptation is great to escape into someone else’s world.


That stirring deep inside me, the one that compels me to write is back. Things have settled down in this reality and I’m safe to step into the world in my head, to spend my mental energy on something other than solving problems, putting out problems, and keeping everyone together. Work is definitely passed the end of the beginning. And while I have a butt load of projects that still need my attention, I thinks it’s okay for me to step away and focus on causing a ruckus in a world of pure imagination.

My imagination.

Where even I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know everything will be alright in the end.

It’s been a heck of a ride. A year and a half trial that started with a coworker’s suicide and is ending with colleagues being terminated. Fodder for future stories. Maybe. But not for a long while. It’s time to box that stuff up and shove it into the attic inside my head.

There are greener pastures to explore and I plan to create some of them.

Right after a nap:D

Until next time.

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Yes, I binged

Netflix remade Lost in Space.

And I watched all 10 episodes over the weekend.

I had seen a few episodes over the years, but I’d never seen the entire series like the hubbinator has. I had seen the movie that came out a few years ago.

Frankly, my expectations weren’t really that high.

And while I groaned at some of the more stupid moments, I really enjoyed the series.

As for the ending….

That left me with more questions than I’d expected, but I’m looking forward to the next season.

Anyone else see the series? Any ideas what’s in that pod?

Until next time.

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Every Time

It happens around this time. No, it’s not allergies. Or taxes. It’s house cleaning. It seems never ending. And like death and taxes it is inevitable.

Sure there are times when I break out the mop, broom, and other accoutrements on a weekly basis.

And then there are times when I wait until my shoes stick to the floor (which is longer than it used to be since the kids are older.

Of course in summer, the gauge moves to the army of hairballs amassing in the corner and waiting for the signal to take over the house.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning by © Photoroller

So that’s how I’ll spend my time today. Unless I happen across a book. It  happens usually in my office. Which reminds me, I should start cleaning in my office.  Yeah. That sounds right:D

Until next time.


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The best thing since…

Sliced bread? The bread slicing machine didn’t come into being officially until 1928 but the original prototype was in 1912 (alas a fire ate it).

How about instant iced tea? This is the hubbinator’s favorite saying even though neither of us drink it. It has been around since at least 1964.

But to me, the best invention was the washing machine. I’ve read enough history books to know all about how labor intensive washing clothes, etc were in the past and am very thankful to be able to load the clothes then do other tasks (like read) while my clothes are washed. I’m even more thankful when the hubbinator does the laundry:D

What about you? What do you think the best invention is?

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