What I Thought I Knew

I was quite hopeful that I would have most of my book done this weekend. It is the second time writing the thing, and since I started last summer, it is the longest I’ve taken to finish a book since I started writing nearly 20 years ago.

I find myself frustrated that I’m still writing the book. I want to put it away and work on something new.

But I know myself. I am linear. I finish what I start and move on. Always going forward.

Each book teaches something. Sometimes I don’t want to learn those things.

Or maybe I don’t want the Syn-Ens to end. You would think as a writer I can choose to continue to write the series. But this book is where the story fairy packs up her magic dust and sprinkles it on another field of imagination. Sure, there may be a spin off of the children and the frayed threads left behind the Meek being reborn.

But it won’t be this year. Probably not even next.

In the meantime, I blocked out the rest of the book. I thought I had 9 chapters to go.

Turns out there are 11 left, which means probably 15 or so to go. This after already writing 32 and about 85K words. Before the end of the month. That’s my new and improved deadline. Smashed in there with 4 days of Phoenix Comicon starting on Thursday. I will do it. I need to move on. I need to say goodbye.

Wish me luck.

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What do you (re)make of that?

I’m certain there’s no shortage of creativity in Hollywood and other places where movies are made. So why are there constant remakes of old movies and franchises? I’m sure it has to do with money. Remaking movies that made money is the closest to a sure thing as studios can get.

And frustrating to those of us who would prefer new content, or are so wedded to the classic/original that the new version doesn’t stand a chance.

I do love the new reboot of Star Trek. Maybe in part because it isn’t going over new ground, but shifted to a new time stream, a new take on adventures, allowing our favorite characters to return.

I’ll even admit that the live version of Beauty and the Beast is just different enough to be as good as the original. And I love the original.

But then I saw Anne with an E on netflix and I broke into a cold sweat. Anne of Green Gables is a favorite from my childhood. Megan Follows will always be Anne, Colleen Dewhurst will always be Marilla, and Richard Farnsworth will always be Matthew. Even when I read or reread the book, these are the people I picture. The characters that I love so much and visited again in all the sequels.

But then it was remade. Not once, but twice last year. I have the Netflix version in my list and hope it makes me love the characters all over again.

Anyone else enjoy a remake as much as the original?

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Are You Listening?

Lately, I’ve been accumulating podcasts. Podcasts on gardening and writing. In other words, things I find interesting and useful.

Trouble is, I haven’t be actually listening to them.

In part, it’s because my truck doesn’t have Bluetooth so I can listen to them through the speakers.

But that’s just an excuse. I could listen at work. I don’t get reception for the stations I like, so this would be prime time to hear the podcasts.

And still…. no.

I love music. I bring my ipad to work to hear my music and I even have a little speaker to broadcast through. Maybe I’m having trouble making hte shift because I hate talk radio. Maybe I’m not willing to sacrifice my music. Maybe, it’s just me:D

So for those who listen to podcasts or audiobooks, how did you make the transition?

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Getting Ready for #PhxComicon

Most writers are introverts. We live in the worlds we create in our heads and are quite happy there. But sometimes, we need to leave and actually go out to meet people. Real people; not the characters in our heads. I’m very selective when it comes to book signings.

Movies and TV always portray writers with long lines of fans waiting for a chance to get their favorite author to sign their books. And for some of us this is true. I remember the lines when I took my son to get a book signed by R L Stein. For the rest of us, we stand by ourselves and try to talk to people who avoid making eye contact.

But there are exceptions.

And one of those places is Phoenix Comicon. What helps is most of these are my people. We love the same shows, the same movies, we get lost in a world other than the one we are born into. It is so easy to talk to folks when you share interests, and if they happen to read what I write that’s just a cherry on top. Bonus is that many are introverts as well and knowing we speak a the same language helps us connect.

I’ve met quite a few folks there that have later become online friends. I meet other authors of whom I’m a fan and who later became friends. I’ve met artistic folks galore. I’ve even ridden down the escalator behind Claudia Black, held the door open for me by John Barrowman and didn’t dissolve into a psycho fan-girl. Rooms are crowded to capacity, hallways are jammed between appearances and lectures, lines at concessions are long. But everyone I’ve met has been welcoming and accepting.

Which to my little introverted heart is why I keep signing my books there despite having near panic attacks at the thought of four days of knowing I need to reach out to people and talk to them.

So if you’re going, stop by and see us at table AA412.  We’ll be happy to talk about our favorite fandoms, and if you think you’re a real character there’s something special for you.

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I May Get Up Too Early

Actually, I know I get up too early. But then who among us hasn’t bargained with the alarm. Just a few more minutes, half an hour tops. Still, the thing blares at 3:30AM and after a quick hug, we roll out of bed.

But that’s not why I know we get up too early.

It’s the news.

I don’t watch the news. I tend to talk back and  swear and answer their stupid questions, or provide obscene commentary when they speak. Yes, I do this even when they say the weather.

But the hubbinator watches the news while he eats breakfast, so it is on. Now, I grant I’m still alive after having been born last century, and juggle many tasks every day so I accept I’ll forget things. Which explains why it threw me when I heard the same story yesterday that I heard last week.


I glared at the TV in my usually fashion then asked the hubbinator if this was a repeat.

He agreed that it was.

And so there you have it. Definitive proof. If the news isn’t ‘new’ and the stations have to dig out old interviews to provide programming, then you’re getting up too early.

Anyone else get up early?

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Gotta Kiosk For You

There are some folks who think the rise of the kiosk is directly related to the rise of minimum wage. They obviously don’t pay attention.

Kiosks have been in place for years. Yes,  years.

Kiosks are the next evolution of technology in retail and service industries. Now, the self-check at the hardware store and grocery store are common place. They’re at movie theatres. They’re even on the blasted phone when you call any business.

It’s taken fast food a little longer to catch on. 

And I don’t use them. 

Not in the hardware store, not at the grocery story, not at the movie theatres, and not in restuarants.

I’m not certain where my Luddite tendencies kick in. I don’t have an issue ordering tickets online then printing them out at home.

But when I am forced to go to the store, there better be a person to help. I made the effort; the store better too, or it will lose my business.

I’ve been told this is a generational thing.

Younger folks have no issue ordering at a kiosk then having food delivered to their table or picked up at the take out window. 

Recently, the hubbinator and I went to lunch at Olive Garden. There was a kiosk at the table. YOu could order from it. The waitress pointed it out. I said I didn’t want to put her out of a job. She laughed. The thing breaks down often and doesn’t allow special orders. No worries for her job.

Then the screen switched and games popped up along with a notice that you could play more levels if you swiped your credit card. I’d rather talk to the hubbinator. After all, if I’m going to be where the people are, maybe I should interact with the people there.

So I’ll stay kiosk free for a while yet.

What about you? Do yo kiosk when no one is watching?

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Ship, Shop, or Stop

I love the internet. No, it isn’t just for the cat memes. It helps me do one of my favorite things—not go where people gather. In other words, I hate shopping.  Because of people like me, the hubbinator thinks the internet will do away with stores. 

Certainly, we’ll see some stores close.

But stores themselves aren’t endangered species. Many are adapting. Thanks to websites, they can sell on line while having a physical store. And there is nothing like buying something and having it in your hand right away, not having to wait.

There are things that I don’t mind waiting for. Books and music. Of course, I don’t have to wait thanks to digital downloads, but I do like the tacticle pleasure of a physical book.  I can wait (usually) for toner. I can wait for my Crocs to arrive. So ordering on line and shipping to my home makes sense.

Then there is the matter of clothes. Aside from the fact that women’s clothes aren’t standardized, not all fabrics are created equal and I won’t buy an item if it’s itchy or slimy feeling. This is definitely a going to the store experience.

But there is a third option, one that ensures stores survive. It is the click and pick option. Order online and pick up in the store that same day. No rubbing elbows with others as the items are at the customer service desk. A quick in and out affair. I use this all the time when I’m working on home improvement projects. Order the supplies before the store opens, work on the task, and by the time the item is needed my phone rings and it’s ready to be picked up. Awesome and wonderful.

And it helps to have options. 

We recently found a grill at Sears. The online price was lower and included a discount. The store associate helped us order on line and pick up at the store where we stood. Instead of waiting in the pick-up area, we had lunch, then returned, picked up our grill, and went home. Bonus: No shipping costs. The hubbinator is learning to love the hybrid system.

So are you a fan or shop, ship, or stop?

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