Getting Around

My dog is getting old. Sure, he tries to keep up with the young pups, but there tends to be consequences. He’s part German shepherd and we all know the hip issues they have. Oddly, he’s okay in the back hips, but he had arthritis really bad in his front shoulder.

So much so, that after watching our grand doggies, he wasn’t able to make it through the park. In fact, he stopped walking about 1/4 of the way through.

After two days of the hubbinator walking home and coming back with the car to chauffeur him home, we decided to do two things.

First, was his morning walks were cut in about 1/3.

Second, we bought a wagon big enough to hold him. To be fair, we can use the cart for other things, especially in our backyard garden. But mostly, we planned to use it  to haul the dog the rest of the walk, so he still got his outdoor time.

Unfortunately, the dog has other ideas.

On the first night out, we made it roughly halfway around the park before lifting him up and putting him into the wagon.


Apparently, he couldn’t even look at me, he was so humiliated.


We got him sitting down then took off. About halfway across the park, he pushed out, butt first, then rolled onto the grass and started walking again. He was quite proud of himself. Until we reached the exit of the park and was limping so badly he had to go into the cart again.


This time, he made it to the last block then planned to go over the side and jump out. Instead, we stopped and helped him out the back again, making sure he didn’t fall.

The next day, he made it all the way around the park. Same with the following day. Apparently, the dog has no intention of using the wagon. EVER.


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Happy First Day of Spring

Yeah! Spring is finally here. Where I live in Arizona, it’s been in the 90s for a couple of weeks now, but nothing says spring to me like flowers. We happen to be shopping in Trader Joe’s yesterday to buy crab meat for my daughter’s birthday dinner when the hubbinator spied these beauties. 

I love daffodils. They are my absolute favorite flower. 

And sure enough, as soon as I trimmed the stems and place them in water, they started to bloom.

This morning, there were six flowers. It’s a great sign.

Until next time.

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that it is also corned beef and cabbage day, too.

Other days to celebrate this week:

18th—National Awkward Moments day. It’s like my own personal day.

19th—National Certified Nurse’s Day. Nurses are awesome people and deserve more appreciation than they receive.

20th—Spring begins.

21st—National Common Courtesy Day. I think this should be every day, but we can start with one and see if we can’t get others to follow along.

22nd—National Bavarian Crepes day. I’ve never heard of Bavarian Crepes. I make and eat French crepes, so I had to look this up. Here’s a recipe:

23rd—National Near Miss Day. I think we can all celebrate the Earth not getting smashed into by an asteroid. After all, Earth is where we keep all our stuff. FMI

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My Sister’s Garden

If I ever feel like no one is paying attention to my blog, I just have to post about my family. Then I know that everyone in my family is silently stalking me.

Here is my sister’s garden. Once spring fills in the open space, I know there is a book in there somewhere.

March 2017 193March 2017 191March 2017 211March 2017 212March 2017 213March 2017 208March 2017 209

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Yeah, but…

Everyone has a talent. Some people’s talent is to annoy others. Yes, it does come naturally to some, but others learn by practicing over and over again, usually on their coworkers.

But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about acknowledging your talent and owning it. Sure you can dabble in other arts, but be proud of the one that is naturally yours instead of constantly looking at someone else’s and thinking it would be better to have that talent.

As this month is about celebrating women and their contributions to society, allow me to  introduce you to my sisters. I have five of them (one is by marriage, but we’re counting her). Three are talented artists. One, like my mother, loves to try new techniques. One promotes art in Alaska and besides being awesomely talented, picked enough Juniper buds to have a craft beer named after her town. Another whose ability to turn other people’s garbage into a fairytale backyard and 3-D art.

They get this talent from my mother (although I did have Zane Gray books that my Dad doodled in, so there’s some latent talent there, too).

Here’s three of my mother’s artwork that was recently in a show in Prescott:



Each piece tells its own story.

And while my fourth sister doesn’t always use canvas to create her art, she stages homes. Which tells a story about family and possibilities that help sell real estate.

And lastly, my fifth sister uses teaching as a medium to pass on to her students how molecules are transformed into other molecules (a clear beginning, middle, and end). She’s also an author of a book.

Having been around other authors, I appreciate the enormous amount of support I receive from my creative sisters.

Until next time.


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Days to Celebrate

Happy Friday everyone. It always seems like it takes a while for Friday to arrive, like there’s an extra day in there somewhere. Anyway, here are your days to celebrate this week:

3/10-National Blueberry Popover day. Yum, I’m going to find a recipe for these, but alas they’ll be made on another day.

3/11-National Johnny Appleseed Day. Do they even teach this legend in schools anymore?

3/12-Daylight Savings Time. Thankfully, living in Arizona we don’t have to observe this one. Pacific Time here we come.

3/13—National K9 Veteran’s Day. Awesome. I hope our canine vets are reunited with their handlers to live out the rest of their days.

3/14—National Pi Day. I think we should celebrate with pie, because pie.

3/15—National Everything You Think is Wrong Day. Actually, I think everyone needs to observe this. FMI

3/16—National Everything You Think is Right Day. Obviously this is in direct response to yesterday’s day of observation. FMI

Until next time.

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Happy International Day of Women

One of the best thin about being an author is research. In my historical novels, I particularly enjoy including women’s stories in the long list of books I read about a time period. How a society treats women is significant in terms of defining how civilized they are. Women’s rights are actually considered on par with GDP in many world indices that measure standard of living.

Some of the biographies I’d love to read about some famous women include:

Actors would include Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Hedy Lamar, and Marlene Dietrich.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Marie Curie

Mary Shelley

Madam C J Walker

Mata Hari

Florence Nightingale

In my general reading, I love to learn more about women’s roles during the First World War as part of the signal corps and nurses, as spies/resistance workers during the war, and those unspoken heroines who manned the home front, the women’s suffrage movement in both the US and England, and I always love those wild women of the west.

Which woman in history would you like to learn more about?

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