There are roof rats in our neighborhood. A few of our neighbors have undergone extensive and expensive pest control to remove them. So far (knock on wood), we’ve been lucky.

I believe that is partly due to our symbiotic relationship with the few feral cats in our neighborhood.

It started with a dish of water, mainly to slow down the egress of lost dogs through our neighborhood (we live very close to a major interstate and 2 busy roads) in the hopes of catching them and returning them home.

It evolved into a pigeon watering hole which was great on the bug control front but a pain on our pool.

Then we noticed a cat. It was on our roof after the coyotes patrolled (which keeps the population down of cats and dogs)

So we put out a little dish of hard food (which also feeds the birds) and a few cats showed up. Our neighbor noticed and mentioned that she traps and spays/neuters them before returning them to the streets.

Now, the only one of the ferals to still be around has decided we are okay and is gifting us with a pigeon wing here and there. Of course, there is a statute of limitations on his generosity and so if we don’t accept such a gift, he gobbles it down and leaves only the feathers. Yesterday, there was a whole bird (minus the belly) by my truck.

I guess since we’re feeding them; they’re willing to share their food with us. I’m just happy for them to keep the rats away from my property. Those crunchies are a lot cheaper than the exterminator.:D

Until next time.

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Where is part 2?

This last week, the hubbinator and I have been spending time with Mel. Not the actual Mel but the director’s movies. Yes, I’m talking about Mel Brooks. The visionary comedic genius of Young Frankenstein, Space Balls, History of the World Part I, and Blazing Saddles.

It was because of our love of Mel that we started thinking of buying his collection on Blu-Ray.

So we checked out the offerings and spied several movies we hadn’t seen before and a few that only stirred faint memories. My oldest confessed that she had never seen Space Balls. And while that made me feel like a little bit of a failure, I reminded myself that she had seen all of the works of the Python boys.

then my mother added that she thought the movies were available for streaming on Netflix. (still have to check this one out.)

Now, the question I ask of you is: What is your favorite Mel Brooks movie?

Until next time, may the Schwartz be with you.



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In my defense…

There was a sale and I had a coupon.

My first job was working to set up a store that had recently expanded into Arizona. Little did I suspect that it would cause a lifetime of addiction. That store was Michaels, and to be fair, I was already well on my way to a craft addiction because I loved sewing. My job and employee discount just expanded my horizons and introduced me to new ways to empty my wallet.

Oh, the many ways…

Naturally when a new Michaels store opened nearby, I had to check it out. My app conveniently gave me a coupon, although sadly it didn’t stalk me by offering me a map of the new store or thank me for visiting like it does when I’m in ‘my store’ location.

Of course, since we were a mile away from Joann’s I thought we should visit there, too. You know, so the store knows that I still love it. My Joann map also gave me a coupon. And there was a sale.

Just saying.

Here are the results:


My mom thought they would be better charms on a bracelet, but since I don’t wear bracelets I went for earrings. I think they are perfect for the summer to come.

Until next time.

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WTF People

Between Netflix, Prime, and Hulu, I’ve been watching a lot of zombie movies lately. A lot of zombie movies. Mostly set in the US. Which leads me to my rant.

WTF people!

In the US, there are almost as many guns as there are people.

How can a zombie apocalypse get out of hand so easily? Where are all you gun lovers just waiting to shoot your neighbor? Okay, even allowing for the fact that some of you may be downright ignorant about zombies, it shouldn’t take anyone that long to learn that you have to shoot them in the head to kill them (although Z Nation  has jumped the shark a little on this one).

But still….

I can accept that many of the big cities could become zombie infested fairly quickly just by the numbers. Although truthfully, shouldn’t there be bands of armed gangbangers to hold the line?

As for the small towns, you folks have no excuse. Most of you all have so many guns you have to store them in a rack in your truck:D (that’s funny, I don’t care who you are).

All of which lead me to do a scientific study of all of two minutes on the internet (very scientific, NOT). Which lead me to some surprising information. It seems that 50% of the guns in the US are owned by 3% of the population. And a mere 25% of the population owns pretty much all the guns. Of course, this is only the official registration. I’m sure there are other guns in play. wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

So the good news is every American out there didn’t let me down, just about 23% of you slackers did. Cuz let’s face it, there are some of us gun owners who are prepared for the zombie apocalypse while the rest of you are just dinner. LOL

Ah well, time to put my imagination away and go to the day job.

Until next time!

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Not Gone

On Friday I reported about my dying refrigerator and the anticipation of a new one one Saturday. Well, you know what they say. The universe laughs when you make plans.

So apparently does HoDe’s delivery service.

They were supposed to call on Friday to let us know the 5 hour delivery window. Instead, they called and left a message saying that because of demand, they  didn’t have the appliance in stock and it won’t be available for delivery until Thursday.

Which meant a mad scramble on Saturday, to defrost the old one to see if we could get the fridge to cool down. But a loss of all perishables and now we have 2 ice chests with the bare necessities with more trips to the store to buy ice to keep things cold.

On the bright side, I suppose there is an eco-friendliness to the who thing. Not!

Ah well, now I just have to rearrange my work schedule so I can be here on Thursday for the delivery. Score! I get a vacation day.

Until next time!

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Going, going…

Nearly gone.

My refrigerator that is. Nothing is sadder than waking up in the morning and having warm everything in the fridge. Given that I live in Phoenix, I can’t even store my perishables outside or bring snow inside to keep things cool.

Oddly the freezer works, just not the fridge on the side by side. I googled and searched and did everything I could except make a service call. The fridge is 14 years old (nearly 15) so the hubbinator and I decided not to waste money on a service call.

Standard operating procedures apply to keep the side as cool as possible but alas, there is only one solution.

A new fridge.

We purchased one on sale from HoDe’s but it won’t be delivered until Saturday. Now, all I do is wait and watch my money spoil:D

Such is life.

Until next time.

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A Generation’s Time

Time is an interesting thing. Some even argue that time doesn’t exist, but is an artificial construct. Real or not, we keep track of it. Our employers keep track of it. And it is a metric we use to decide how to spend our lives.

But the how we track it differs across the generations.

Time is no longer confined to one appliance whose sole purpose is to track it and chime out the hour.

Instead, it appears every where from our car radios to our kitchen appliances and phones.

What I find fascinating his how different generations keep time. And let’s face it, there’s always one clock that we consider the standard bearer.

For most of us it is the one we use for our alarms. I have an alarm clock. Yes, it plays music, but really all it does is ring at a certain time to remind me I have to work to eat. The digital read out doesn’t actually match the time on my phone.

Some folks have a travel alarm clock. Battery operated, not to run on unreliable electricity and better than a call from the front desk if you want to be on time to  your appointment.

There are the holdouts and the hipsters who still wear watches, although a true connoisseur doesn’t abide those new-fangled digital readouts but likes the hour, minute, and second hand sweep.

And then there are those whose only clock is their phone. It even serves as an alarm clock, camera, and a radio and can often found tuck into bed next to the pillow.

I’m not sure if technology has found a way to help us master time or to help time master us.

Until next time.

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