Commercial Holiday

As I put up our Christmas decorations, each one bring back a memory. So thanks to the magic of youtube, here are some commercials that I remember from years past.

I certainly felt this way after Thanksgiving:


Getting up for work everyday:


Who remembers this one?

And this classic one:


And just because it’s that kind of day:

Notice I didn’t break out the Hallmark commercials. Those I’m saving for another day.

Until next time

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It’s a Cat’s Trophy

The hubbinator came home the other day to a horrible smell. Seems one cat caught something and shared it with the other four. Little piles of throw-up everywhere (in assorted colors, too).

After cleaning up the mess, opening the windows to air out the house, and checking to make certain all kitties were still alive, he sat down at the computer.

And realized the keyboard didn’t work.

Because there was vomit on it. He cleaned it off, took out the batteries, then tried again. Alas, the cats’ have claimed another trophy. My Mac keyboard.:(

When I arrived home, he broke the news. I thought I could just replace it with the one from my iPad (they are the same) but realized there would be multiple steps involved and decided instead to remove the wired one from the PC and plug it into the Mac.

It worked. Sort of. 

There were no shortcuts available for copy and pasting, as well as others.

But the biggest issue was the touch of the keys. I wasn’t typing on PC keyboard; l was pounding on it. And to make matters worse, I type by touch and the different spacing threw off my mojo and tanked my productivity. 

So instead of ordering a $100 replacement from Apple, I ordered a knock-off brand from amazon for $15. Still not the same but the shortcuts are there and the spacing of the keys is the same. 

It works for now.

Until next time!

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The Christmas Time Paradox

Yes, I’ve been binge watching Christmas movies. In my defense, they started at midnight and kept going until midnight. I had to show how much I approved by tuning in. Hey, some folks watch sports. I watch Christmas movies.

Even though many of the tropes are the same, it’s the feel-good payoff at the end that keeps me watching.

But it also raises questions.

Like the  one where the day repeats, over and over again until the main character learns her lesson and finally the calendar resets.

We get it; we’ve all watched the movies. The most famous being Groundhog Day.

The same storyline has shown up in Christmas movies. Which begs the question, what happens when the timeline resets? I mean, some of those characters must have spent months if not years learning those lessons.

So how is the missing time accounted for? Do they age during those repeating days? Or is it a kind of stasis where time stands still and those used days come off at the end of the character’s life?

It’s okay, I’m gonna finish my eggnog and return to the movie marathon.

Until next time.

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Happy Thanksgiving USA

Tomorrow starts the long Thanksgiving weekend where we Americans will stuff ourselves almost more than the Turkeys most of us will serve.

But today is prep day. I’ll be making the cherry cheesecake, prepping the salad, and double checking the ingredients for the homemade rolls and sauerkraut and spareribs for tomorrow’s dinner.

One thing I won’t be doing is going to the stores and shopping. This is family and friends time, where phones and TVs will be off and conversations will flow as we catch up. And I get to watch my oldest host her first holiday in her new house.

So to all those who celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

And for those who don’t, you’re halfway to the weekend.

In the meantime, I can’t forget the cranberry sauce.

cranberries, cranberry

© Valpal

Until next time.

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You Knew It Was Coming

I’ll admit, I get irritated when I see Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over. (Note: This does not apply to craft stores, when I expect to see Christmas items in August). I mean really? Don’t they know that the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving is to mourn the end of Halloween?

But apparently, some folks haven’t gotten the message.

I did believe I lived in a neighborhood of like minded individuals until I took the dog on a walk last Saturday and saw someone  had their Christmas lights up and on.

Ug. No. That’s not right. Sure, you can put them up. You have the time. But turning them on…

That’s supposed to wait until Santa appears in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Don’t get  me wrong. i love Christmas lights, but not before Thanksgiving. There has to be some order to the universe, people!

Until next time.

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Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and you know what that means–Christmas movies. I’ll be the first to admit that since giving up cable/satellite nearly 10 years ago, the only time I missed it was during the holiday season. Why?

Because I love Christmas movies, and I love how new stories are always waiting to become favorites.

I wish that channels would offer subscription services so that I might just stream the Hallmark Channel instead of having to pay for so many channels that I don’t want to watch. They do offer one for the Hall of Fame movies, but I want all of them, not just some of them. Heck, I’d even like it if they threw in a half hour program of their old commercials.

But I digress.

I’m happy to say, I have found ION television which plays Christmas movies all day Saturday and Sunday starting after Thanksgiving, but in the evenings of one of the sub channels, there’s Christmas movies on now.

And they’re awesome. No, I’m not just saying that because Netflix doesn’t have many up yet.

I’m saying it because, Christmas movies are the best examples of how to tap into the viewers emotions to give them that feel good sigh at the end. And they’re pure entertainment.

Of course, I still watch my old favorites on DVD/Blu-Ray, but it’s always fun to find a new movie to add.

Until next time.

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I Did It

For the first time ever, I participated in NaNoWritMo. If you’ve never heard on of it, November is the yearly challenge to writers and aspiring writers to write a book in a month.

The idea is get through the rough draft then edit the words into something coherent. The catch is the 50K  word count. 

I’ve written 51K as of yesterday. But the story isn’t even finished.

So now I’ll keep writing and hope to have the rough done by thanksgiving.

I’m not sure if I’ll participate next year. It just seems anticlimactic to reach a goal but not have a complete book.

Until next time.

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