Friday Fun Fact

There are few things more creepy than a motion light that keeps going off when no one is about.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends.

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Spring Flowers

Here’s some flowers from our yard to brighten your day.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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10 minutes to 2 hours

We have had a chimney top damper sitting in a box in our living room for four months now. Yesterday, we decided to install it.

It should have been easy.

The directions made it look like it would be easy. A single sheet of paper broken into two sections—one for the rooftop and the other for inside the house.

We should have known better. Okay, maybe not. The cable that I dropped down the chimney went into the lining of the chimney and it took the hubbinator several tries with nearly every broom and tool on a stick to fish it out.

Then we had to figure out just the right length we need to close the damper on the top. Which wasn’t hard but I didn’t tighten the screws tight enough on the cable so the cable came loose and the damper popped open.

But it’s all done now.

And I must say, it is nice not to hear the chimney breathe when the wind kicks up.

Until next time. Stay healthy my friends.

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Friday Fun Fact

If you wait long enough, most of the dishes in the dishwasher will put themselves away.

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Authors Give Back

Smashwords is having a sale. This time, authors are making many of their books free, or 30% or 60% off.

Here is my page, where many of the first in a series are free:

Here is the link to the sale page:

Stay healthy my friends.

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Doing Nothing

I would like to say that we relaxed all weekend, binge watching Gilligan’s Island and eating Bon- bons.

Not quite.

We spent Friday night and Saturday morning going to 7 stores to try to find the items on our grocery list. for the most part, everyone was in good spirits and joking about the shortages.

We were shopping for 2 homes and we saw on our neighborhood app, that others were sharing bulk supplies from Costco.

We did splurge on the dog and bought him a new bed.

He doesn’t mind that it is pink.

The cat and the dog are beginning to fight over who actually gets to sleep on the bed. For now, he is all comfy and sleeping. Soon, he’ll get hot and lay on the tile and the cat will move it.

If cats and dogs can share, so can people.

Stay healthy my friends. Until next time.

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Friday Fun Fact

Work: Go not just for the paycheck but also the toilet paper.

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