Heading out

I’m never sure if preparing for a vacation or returning from a vacation, makes work seem like so much work.

There is the anticipation of the vacation when I am master of my time. And let’s not rule out sleep.

That no one gets during the normal work routine. Not with time spent on weekends catching up with all the items that keep the household running.

But then there is the downside. You’ve had a vacation. You were your own master. And now you’re back in the yoke, accountable for the time spent on each project.

Both before and after suck.

But not enough to give up vacations.

Until next time

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Pooling together

Last monday, there was a storm. And dust and leaves filled my pool.

On Tuesday, I was outside at 4am vacuuming and backwashing and emptying the pump basket.

On Wednesday, another storm blew in. Lots of rain (yay!) and leaves and dust. I decided to put off cleaning the pool until Friday. The hubbinator brushed the pool to keep the dirt moving around.

on Friday, after ferrying my daughter to her dental surgery, I began to clean the pool again. Except the vacuum didn’t work properly.

There was a clog in the line. I emptied the hose for the pool shark. I emptied the baskets. When the hubbinator came home, we worked together Friday night. And Saturday.

We brought out garden hoses, the wet vac (which causes a nice geyser). We had 3 plungers and a plumber’s snake. We improvised with tweezers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, paperclips, and rocks.

On Sunday, we worked our way to the impeller and removed 2.5 olive pits, dog hair, and twisted leaves.

And it worked.

Then our amazon package arrived and we worked another hour and a half to replace the backwash plunger.

Now the pool works and last night we had a storm. With leaves and dust, but only a little rain.

I love the monsoon season.

Until next time.

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Friday Futurecast: Human Labor (part 1)

Technology usually makes our life easier and more efficient. But there’s no doubt that it is also taking human jobs.

Let’s face it when the only thing that matters is the bottom line-a robotic system that can work 24/7/365, that doesn’t need raises, that doesn’t come with the host of problems humans stir up is very attractive.

Sure, there will be some jobs created to maintain the technology, but for how long? Robotic repairs and AI defensive systems will evolve quickly to do those human jobs, too.

Which leaves human labor where?

Will we be kept as exotic pets in a stratified society, where the rich maintain their position? Will we evolve arts and culture and achieve our dream of space exploration (truthfully, I could see the AI’s leaving us behind and leaving just to get away from us.).

There would be population controls and calorie rationing.

And while there would be much loafing about.

But let’s face it. Humans would screw this up. There’s an old saying: Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. It wouldn’t take long before jealousy and lack of purpose sets in and we turn on each other. The question remains: would the AIs eliminate us or would we eliminate them first?

Until next time.

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The monsoons are here and yesterday, we actually got rain. Lots of rain.

It was wonderful. Yes, I went outside in it. Yes, I splashed in a few puddles.

And yes, I grumbled about the humidity when it was over.

Because… humidity.

I’m sure most of you now that in Arizona, we have dry heat. 110F is warm, 115F is hot. Both are manageable with enough sense, water, and sweat. And since I have plenty of all three, I do just fine.

However, sweating does no good in humidity. Frankly, I’m pretty sure my body is on the verge of a shutdown. How does one keep cool in humidity. Stay inside where it’s air conditioned. Except, I have to drive around, get out of my vehicle and take samples in the humidity. So, it doesn’t exactly work.

And then there’s exercising. Same routine on a dry day is less effort than on a humid day. There are only two benefits to humidity. First, it isn’t as cold when you get out of the pool but that’s not really much of a benefit.

Second: Rain. Lots of rain.

Here’s hoping for a really wet summer.

Until next time.

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The End is Just the Beginning

No, I didn’t make up that headline. I stole it wholeheartedly from the Mummy with Rachel Weisz and Brendon Fraser. I still love the movie, but it doesn’t just apply to ancient Egyptian mummies.

It also works on writers.

This weekend, I managed to finish a book that took me over a year to finish. For someone who used to write 3-5 books a year, this long slog to the end was an epic journey worthy of the grandest epic adventure. And I was happy to be finished.

But writing the end is just the beginning.

Because, after the end is written, the rewriting begins. And I’ve already rewritten it twice since the end.

Now that I’ve submitted the book to my publisher, there will be further revisions, further rewriting.

The process can go on forever. But really writers don’t grow if they’re just rewriting the same work. So even after that book is published, the writing begins because there is another book. Another end. Another beginning.

In other words, writers are like hamsters on a wheel:D

Until next time.

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Friday Futurecast: The Immersive Experience

Back in the day, the VR (virtual reality) experience was the up and coming thing. Through a pair of glasses, the wearer could become part of the game being played. This later evolved into real-life experiences where the viewer could experience everyday life or death as another person.

Naturally, this became addictive and became a problem for society.

I’m not sure where the VR experience derailed, but there are efforts to bring it back. Gaming being the first to try with suits and pads to feel what their avatar is feeling. I’m sure the porn industry will jump on board once the technology is perfected (anyone remember Demolition Man? Awkward.).

For most of us, I see the beginning of the immersive experience (rebranded VR for modern tastes) to start with those soaring adventures and exotic travels. Who wouldn’t want to fly like a bird or swing through a jungle like Tarzan? Immersing someone in water could make the whole spacewalk experience more real. The old could be young again, and the young old.

Mainstream movies would definitely follow, maybe to the point that you could select which character you would prefer to be. Let’s face it, we all have a favorite movie we’d love to be a part of.

Until next time.

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Happy Independence Day to America

As we Americans plant to binge on barbecue and pie, I wish to thank our service women and men. The PD and Fire and medical staff who respond to gunshots and fireworks gone awry. The utility companies who keep the AC humming and the water folks for keeping the blue gold flowing

But let’s take a moment to remember that there are two sides to every story, sooo here’s a funny to get you through the day:

Courtesy of: https://me.me/i/happy-treason-day-ungrateful-colonists-1225276

But seriously, let’s also take a moment out to honor those ingenious enough to dream of a nation founded on democratic principles.

Courtesy of: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/ancient-aliens

Laugh because that’s funny:D

Until next time.

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