Friday Fun Fact

When you own pets, sometimes you wear one purple slipper and one black slipper.

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Fall Migration

It happens in the fall, not the birds and animals shifting to find more hospitable climes, but my clothing has to be migrated.

Somewhere along the way I began to separate my clothing into cool weather clothing and hot weather clothing for the other 10 months of the year. This was not due to a latent organizing gene in my body, but rather lack of space.

So now, as I select my work clothes, I am shuffling the new fluffy Halloween socks to the top drawer and removing several pairs of anklets to the bottom drawer. Ditto the fall and summer pj bottoms.

In the closet, the short sleeved shirts rotate to the left while the empty hangers migrate to the right.

It’s all fun and games until the weather warms back up for that week or two of hot weather until the thermometer settles into cool weather time.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Something Sticky This Way Comes

Cooler weather has finally arrived, which means I can wear sweatpants while I relax at home (i haven’t quite put my shorts away).

Unfortunately the yard isn’t quite cooperating.

The weeds have taken the opportunity to stretch out and flower. And maybe the weeds in my yard are unique but the ends, flowers and leaves are sticky.

This weekend while I was weeding, I ended up with more parts on my pant legs than went into the rubbish bin. Maybe that’s karma. It was definitely annoying.

Of course, there were plenty of the old fashioned stickers left to jab me.

Life is fun in the garden. Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

The book does not write itself. Unfortunately.

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Stepping up

October and the weather has actually been cool here in Phoenix. That hasn’t happened in quite a while. And while we have come close to reaching 100F, we have managed to stay just a hair below it.

To celebrate, the hubbinator and I have been taking evening walks at 630PM instead of waiting until 8PM when the ball of fire doesn’t try to ignite us.

It’s good for me, as my goal this month is 9K steps a day for 90% of the month. Not so much for the hubbinator as he already walks 20K steps at his day job.

Still, I have taken to pacing the halls like a restless spirit to close that gap in steps. Let’s just hope that doesn’t become a residual haunting:D.

Happy Halloween month and stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

The Arizona State Fair starts today–welcome to the world of fried foods.

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In the mood for Halloween

While most of you all wait for October 1st for Halloween season, I officially start on September 1st. True, the bulk of my decorating is inside until October, but I am mentally chanting “this is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween” every where I go.

Thankfully at the end of September the streaming services start to offer up Halloween movies, shows, and specials.

So, I have started to treat myself to some of these Halloween goodies that I haven’t seen in a while.

Yes, there are the horror classics and Halloween themed slasher movies, but thanks to a subscription to Disney +, we are also watching each episode of Treehouse of Horrors on the The Simpsons. And I do enjoy the Goosebumps movies/show, Halloweentown, and other specials Disney offers.

But, my all time favorite movie is Hocus Pocus, so I will inaugurate the official start of the Halloween season this weekend by watching the movie.

What is on your Halloween watch list?

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Revenge of the cats

We have decided to adopt one of our feral cats. This sleek, silver cat is the friendliest of the liter, so we brought him in and kept him in a room until he could be neutered and tested for infections.

The vet was surprised that he was feral, given that he was so friendly. But we feed his mother, who occasionally lets us pet her, and he was born in our shed.

Either way, Puddin is now a member of our family, and the rest of the pack is not happy.

Zim has taken the lead in expressing his displeasure.

First, he shoved the salt shaker off the kitchen island and shattered it.

Then he has taken to following Puddin around and hissing at him. He also waits outside the room Puddin is in then follows him around.

In between stallings, Zim has decided that whenever I try to do any crafts, he likes to help by chewing on the paper, picking up anything he can hook with his claws, and tossing stuff on the floor.

Of course, there may be some provocation on my part. As I do pick up Puddin, snuggle with him then catch the other cats and hold them so they all smell like the newest family member.

My efforts are not appreciated.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Cats and construction keep their own time.

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Just Kitting Part 2

I know y’all were thinking this would be more card kits, but my dragon hoarding tendencies include more than paper crafts and books. I also love beads. Here are 3 from this month:

From the Bargain Bead box, Sam’s bead box, the Creative Soul kit, and Jesse James Beads, from which I already made a necklace based on Misty Moon Designs.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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