On Fire

I’ll admit to being a bit of a movie addict. So when I learned that Hallmark had taken over Feeln, I was quite keen on being able to watch Hallmark movies without subscribing to cable.

So I downloaded the app onto my iPad.

And watched a couple of movies, but it wasn’t the same on that small screen. And the Blu-Ray player wasn’t capable of connecting to the website nor downloading the app, so I went to Target and purchased an HDMI cable to connect my computer to my TV, which would give me a really, really big monitor.

Except, I got the thing connected and it didn’t work. Apparently, my PC computer is too old to connect (which is just a plot to get me to purchase a new PC). Not gonna happen.

And so my son mentioned why not just get a stick. Amazon has one. Google has one. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Sure enough black Friday rolls around and amazon’s fire stick is on sale. So I purchased one.

There in 1080i and 49.5 inches is HMNow. So I might have binged watched a few shows this last weekend.

And bonus! I got Tedtalks, too.

Sadly, I may have miscalculated as youtube is going away after January 1. Google owns youtube. Hmmmm. I do have another TV.

Until next time.

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The Lies We Tell

Once upon a time making gifts/cards/presents was cheaper than purchasing manufactured items.

Apparently, that was so last century.

Or the century before.

Either way, it isn’t today. And yet, I still have it in my head that I should make homemade Christmas cards. So I spent $55 for supplies instead of buy-in a box for $10 (this year’s edition, not last years). This year’s haul:


Sure, I can reuse the stamps and I suppose there is something relaxing about coloring the images I cut out by hand. (Youtube said I could use a rolling pin, two quilting mats and some tape. Youtube lied.)

Ah, who am I trying to kid. I find the whole artistic expression a nice break from wracking my brain for words to paint a picture.

And my mom kinda likes them.

Until next time!


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Does anyone else have

We have a mini panther, but lately he’s become more of a potty panther. Let me be clear, this is my son’s cat. I may have saved him (for which I was hissed at, although he did share his fleas), I may have bottle fed him from 1 1/2 weeks old to 7 weeks every couple of hours (for which I was hissed and scratched), but he is my son’s cat.

Yet lately, there’s been a noticeable change. He appears at night and in the early morning. And he sits on the toilet:

It costs two pets to get him to jump off, then he sticks around for even more petties.

And there had better be more petties or someone’s blankets are getting peed on. It’s his MO.

My son says this behavior is about protecting me.

Yeah, right. When he’s being petted, he’s a little ecstatic and the only reason he’d be upset if I got hit by a meteor would be because I stopped petting him. Of course, his presence usually bring a few other cats and the dog, so I’m pretty sure I’m protected by default:D

Until next time.

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A Little Help Please

I am in the prepping stages of a dystopian series I plan to start in March and would like some input (let’s call it online brainstorming).

What is the one thing you don’t believe people should make money off and why?

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A Tale of Two Cheesecakes

As I’m sure many of you can tell from my last few blogs, I love to cook, especially during the holidays.

One of the things I’ve been asked to bring to the Thanksgiving table over the years is cheesecake. I used to make a large cheesecake, but let’s face it. After all the fixings, there isn’t much room for dessert, and frankly I was a little tired of throwing half a cheesecake away.

This year, I decided to try mini-cheesecakes with the added bonus of being able to freeze the leftovers and eat them later.

Since lemon is delicious, I focused on a lemon cheesecake recipe and to my delight I found two. So, yes, I made them both.


With the traditional graham cracker crust and some helpful tips from the recipe. This one turned out lighter and fluffier. For the recipe: https://www.livewellbakeoften.com/mini-lemon-cheesecakes/

But, it lacked more of a lemon flavor that I wanted and as a result would probably top it off with lemon curd then whipped cream.

The second:


This one was a little too brown for my two of my tasters (although not my family members). I preferred the vanilla wafer crust and the delightful lemon kick. Alas it sunk in the middle, so I would fill it in with whipped cream to hide the imperfections.

The recipe: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/mini-lemon-cheesecakes-53712.aspx

And wouldn’t you know it. By the time my tasters finished, there were no more cheesecakes to freeze.

Until next time!

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When Two Become One

I’m talking about cinnamon rolls that is. You see, I don’t want to wait hours to make them properly and those canned rolls don’t hit the spot. So, I’ve taken two recipes from my Kitchenaid mixer to make them in 60 minutes.

First, I start with the dough.  Yes, I use the 60 minute roll recipe and because it has sugar in it already, the dough is sweet. I following the rising and baking times to keep things simple.


I then combine the sugar mixture from the sweet roll recipe.


After dividing the dough into 2 batches I roll it out until it is 10 x 12 inches and add half the sugar mixture on, roll-up, then cut into one inch rounds.

I add them to cupcake pans to help them rise and to cook them faster.


Once they have risen for the 15 minutes, I bake them according to the 60 minute roll recipe.


The icing I use is standard vanilla, milk, and powdered sugar.

Then they are eaten by the hungry hordes who have been waiting.

Until next time.

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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year in the US when most of us put ourselves in a food coma while spending time with family and friends.

So to everyone in the US, Happy Thanksgiving.


Creative Commons Zero (CC0)

And to everyone else, enjoy your weekend when it gets here.

Until Monday.

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