With a Little Help from my Family

The hubbinator and I knew the table was old. We’d had it for at least 20 years. And while we kept tightening the legs, they kept loosening up until collapse was eminent.

Which we knew but didn’t inform my sister about when she was visiting and offered to mop the floors. I have a lot of flooring which I am reminded of when I mop the floor. But I digress. She attempted to move the dining table when she realized it was resembling downward dog in yoga, then stopped and carefully placed it back. Then called to tell me of the catastrophe.

After I finished laughing, I told her we knew of the problem and had planned to replace it but with the overages in the house redo, didn’t think like any replacements we could afford.

But we live near a retirement center where people are downsizing into smaller homes or no longer need them so used furniture places abounded.

Since I was heading over that way so my sister and I could visit with family, I thought I’d check them out. My sister decided to come, so did my mother when she mentioned it, who then roped in my older sister, too.

With 3 folks in tow, we entered the store. I preferred one table but my Mom hated the chairs and wouldn’t be comfortable sitting in them for long periods, such as card games or dominoes after dinner. I didn’t think this was too much of a downside, which earned my a look and a promise of retribution later. (I came by my evil naturally).

By passing the Danish modern work of art and its very high price tag, I found another table which passed by mother’s sitting test (not really, but she agreed that she could sit in the chairs longer). I asked about a leaf extension then if there were more than 6 chairs. There was an 18 in leaf but only 6 chairs but the saleslady wheeled 2 fabric chairs over and slid them in place.

Somewhere about this time, I became a spectator in the whole buying a table adventure. My mom mentioned leaving when the price was mentioned. My older sister opened the gate for negotiations (which made me want to leave). Then my other sister swooped in and got a final price that was $180 cheaper than the price on the tags.

Next came the topic of delivery and when I said the hubbinator and I could haul it ourselves with the truck, the full brunt of the negotiators turned on me. As the youngest, I folded like a soggy house of cards and had it delivered. Here it is almost fully set up.


Either way, I am happy with the table. The hubbinator is happy with the table. And it actually looks pretty good, all thanks to the combined powers of my family.

Until next time.

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Back in the Saddle

It is always a bit disorienting to go back to work when I’ve been off for a few days.

And yet, I find that it was so easy to get into a routine when parts of my family were here, to incorporate them into my plans.

But, thankfully they are safely home despite the weird weather we’ve been having.

There is still so much left to do on the kitchen remodel, including installing the counters, which should be in another week or two. And I have to admit, I’m getting a little twitchy as I haven’t been able to decorate as my kitchen has been housed in my living room and two rooms still have to be painted, and…

Well you get the idea.

But in the meantime there’s work and the fun that comes with that.

So to all those coming back from a long Thanksgiving weekend (or any weekend), I will quote the Red Green show, “We’re all in this together.”

Until next time.

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Happy Thanksgiving

I know it is a little early, but I plan to take next week off from writing.

So Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US.

As we slide into the holiday season, I hope you all enjoy the time you spend with the family that made you or the family you made.

Until December.

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The power of muscle memory

It’s kinda funny how this remodel has brought to my attention a few habits.

The first being that the height difference between the dining room tile and the hall floor caused a kind of step up whenever I transitioned from one to the other. Now that the floor is all one level, I am still stepping up but the feeling is odd. Slowly, I am retraining myself to accommodate the sameness.

The new layout of the kitchen and integration of the floors has made my house look bigger. Then I mopped the floors and realized it wasn’t an optical illusion but a fact. Or at least it seems that way. I used to clean the wood floors one way and the tile another way and then there was once carpet. The different flooring made each room seem smaller but broke up the cleaning duties. Now it is just one long slog and swish, swish, swish to mop it up, after vacuuming up the dirt and mammoth amount of pet hair.

And, with the installation of all but the appliance garage in the kitchen, I am once more having to adjust to the new layout. The funny thing is I keep trying to close the microwave cabinet, which has no door but isn’t occupied yet. I also have to side step a little as the kitchen has extended a 3 inches into the family room and that has changed the path I take just enough for me to be startled by the closeness of the cabinet.

Ah, well, it is nice to have these problems but funny how habits become so engrained that we don’t notice them until something little changes.

Until next time.

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No Words

I find it ironic that as our technology shifts ever more toward the plug and play model, our home appliances move farther and farther away from convenience and ease of installation.

Whenever I acquire a new Bluetooth device, my phone or ipad are more than happy to connect with it. Heck, even the radio in my car will find it.

But, unpack an appliance, say a dishwasher or range and boom. Neither will have an electrical cord. The dishwasher needs a water line. And you’ll need a Phillips, a flat head, and set of socket wrenches for installation. Plus interpretive dance.

It’s insane.

And yes, the rationale has been explained to me. Homes built before and homes built after… Yada. Yada. Yada.

Eight o’clock on a work night, and I’m not in the mood to deal with a HoDe’s run that feels more like blackmail or money gouging to get parts that should come with an expensive appliance.

Which is about when I lose the ability to form words and resort to pointing, grunting, and maybe even a little snapping.

While some may point to environmentally friendly or extra safety features, I still think it is greed. Pure and simple.

Until next time.

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Free Today only

If you are looking for something to read during the holiday travel times ahead, These Divided States is free today on amazon (hopefully across all the platforms).


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And if you like it, please leave a review.

Until next time.

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Closer and closer

It has been a very busy last five days.

We went from this on Friday morning:


Which I thought would never go away.


This was as they left on Friday night.


Last night after waiting for the texture to dry, we primed and painted. Because this arrived in the afternoon:


Our beautiful new kitchen. Okay, apparently, there are 2 cabinets missing. Of course, some assembly is required. But thankfully, the company supplies the people and the allen wrench.

Until next time.

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