Nom Nom Nom

I managed to make some new recipes this month and revisit some old favorites.

I even managed to find some recipes that I could try in the Instant Pot for comparison. The salsa chicken was actually more tender in the Instant Pot, but I do prefer bbq ribs in the slow cooker as it seems more tender.

One recipe I did manage to make was caramel apples. I know I am missing the state fair, so this was as close as I could get.

I did want to make candy apples, but I couldn’t find any red hots. Do they even make red hots anymore?

Ah, well, apple season isn’t over yet.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Movie time

With Halloween just around the corner, I love to watch more Halloween themed movies. Don’t get me wrong, I always love to watch horror movies, but this time they have a Halloween theme.

Over the weekend, we watched the classic Hocus Pocus. I love this movie and always find something new to love every year.

We also watched the new Netflix movie Hubie Halloween. The Adam Sandler movie was funny and sweet and a nice break over the weekend.

What do you watch to get in the Halloween spirit?

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Nothing can screw you up more than a software update.

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Friday Fun Fact

Having a cat is just finding a tiny terror to put all your stuff on the floor.

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This month’s reading list

For this month, I am reading two books. The first is my usual cozy mystery.

And the second is a nonfiction book.

So what are you reading?

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The phrase of blame

It’s Monday. Pretty much sums it up.

For most of us, Monday is that murky day between the weekend and the workweek. A transitional period were things don’t usually go as planned.

And sometimes there are four Monday’s in a row.

How does one break the curse of Monday?

The world may never know.

Until next time.

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Friday Fun Fact

Never choose ignorance unless organized crime is involved and even then only fake it.

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Kitten Trainer?

Is there really such a thing as a kitten trainer? Or do the tiny terrors just placate me when it suits them.

You see, after I walk the dog it is treat time. The dog first as he did all the work, then the cats/kittens get their share.

It used to be that the kittens would be rolling around the floor wresting with each other while the cats took up position and waited for me to serve me their treats.

Then Comet, our orange and black kitten, tasted the treats and a maniac was born. She gobbles down her treats then Hoover’s up any other cat who is eating too slow, including her brother Zim, who purrs while noshing on his treats.

They used to wait in my son’s room but now they lay on the chair where I place the dog’s leash and poop bags to make sure they do not miss any treats.

They claim they are trained, but they are kittens, proto-cats and we all know cats don’t do anything they don’t want to. Either way, it is highly suspicious.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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On this day in history

In 490 BC, the Greeks defeated the Persians at Marathon. To spread the happy news of the victory, a soldier ran 26 miles to announce the victory. Hence the Marathon was born.

And the soldier who ran the 26 miles died.

I remember the second part of the story more than the first and this is why I don’t run. I also pray the zombies are George Romero’s rather than the Resident Evil kind.

But I will run from dinosaurs.

I think I may have spent too much time with Netflix this weekend.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Some are defined by their relationships; others by the first impression they make.

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