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What I Thought I Knew

I was quite hopeful that I would have most of my book done this weekend. It is the second time writing the thing, and since I started last summer, it is the longest I’ve taken to finish a book since … Continue reading

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What do you (re)make of that?

I’m certain there’s no shortage of creativity in Hollywood and other places where movies are made. So why are there constant remakes of old movies and franchises? I’m sure it has to do with money. Remaking movies that made money … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for #PhxComicon

Most writers are introverts. We live in the worlds we create in our heads and are quite happy there. But sometimes, we need to leave and actually go out to meet people. Real people; not the characters in our heads. … Continue reading

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Ship, Shop, or Stop

I love the internet. No, it isn’t just for the cat memes. It helps me do one of my favorite things—not go where people gather. In other words, I hate shopping.  Because of people like me, the hubbinator thinks the … Continue reading

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Once We were United

In 1917 when U.S. President Woodrow Wilson declared war on Germany, the entire nation went to war. Families didn’t just send their sons and daughters overseas, they too were expected to make sacrifices. None other than Herbert Hoover (future president) … Continue reading

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Going from Here to Over There

On the groups I belong to, I often see the question if American troops in World War 1 really mattered. The short answer is yes. When the US entered the war, the allies believed the battles would continue to rage … Continue reading

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Before the Flood, there was a trickle

Just because the US declared war in 1917 didn’t mean we were able to send millions of troops to the front within months. And just because the US had declared its neutrality in 1914, didn’t mean there weren’t Americans in … Continue reading

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