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What are you reading? Early

It’s weird. It’s September 30th and I’ve finished reading the books I started at the beginning of the month. I didn’t expect that to happen. Seriously, one was really good and the other was not. It was so underwhelming I … Continue reading

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Beginning Again

Well, I’m doing it again. Working on quilting my daughter’s quilt by hand. I think I’ve started the project about 3 times now over several years. Too many years. But this year, I vow to finish the quilt. And I … Continue reading

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This is Halloween

I may not be able to decorate my house for the holiday, but that didn’t stop me from other creative endeavors. I originally planned to practice wire wrapping and seed bead earring, my wire was too fat for the tiny … Continue reading

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It seems that whenever we have to move something heavy and need a dolly or a landscaping cart, the wheels of the item are flat. And not just, in need of air kind, but rotted, too. I went online to … Continue reading

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Mental Barriers

It’s weird. I’ll binge-watch a series on Netflix or Prime and not even think twice about it. But then I see a Ken Burns series where each episode is nearly 2 hours long and my brain balks. Nope. We don’t … Continue reading

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White Christmas Trees

My mother started it. I showed her the Christmas tree earrings I planned to make everyone for the holidays. They were green. She said she wanted white. Weird, but that’s my mom. So I went back to the bead store … Continue reading

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What are you reading?

For my nonfiction adventures, I learned about this book at a writer’s conference: For my fiction adventures, I’m still in cozy mysteries. This time in a bookstore and in New Hampshire.   How are you passing your reading time?

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