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What are you reading? Early

It’s weird. It’s September 30th and I’ve finished reading the books I started at the beginning of the month. I didn’t expect that to happen. Seriously, one was really good and the other was not. It was so underwhelming I … Continue reading

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Beginning Again

Well, I’m doing it again. Working on quilting my daughter’s quilt by hand. I think I’ve started the project about 3 times now over several years. Too many years. But this year, I vow to finish the quilt. And I … Continue reading

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This is Halloween

I may not be able to decorate my house for the holiday, but that didn’t stop me from other creative endeavors. I originally planned to practice wire wrapping and seed bead earring, my wire was too fat for the tiny … Continue reading

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It seems that whenever we have to move something heavy and need a dolly or a landscaping cart, the wheels of the item are flat. And not just, in need of air kind, but rotted, too. I went online to … Continue reading

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Mental Barriers

It’s weird. I’ll binge-watch a series on Netflix or Prime and not even think twice about it. But then I see a Ken Burns series where each episode is nearly 2 hours long and my brain balks. Nope. We don’t … Continue reading

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White Christmas Trees

My mother started it. I showed her the Christmas tree earrings I planned to make everyone for the holidays. They were green. She said she wanted white. Weird, but that’s my mom. So I went back to the bead store … Continue reading

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What are you reading?

For my nonfiction adventures, I learned about this book at a writer’s conference: For my fiction adventures, I’m still in cozy mysteries. This time in a bookstore and in New Hampshire.   How are you passing your reading time?

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Happy Friday the 13th

I’m excited. Today is Friday. Today is Friday the 13th. Today there is a full moon. It’s so awesome. Beware the crazy and enjoy the day. Until next time.

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Now, this post is about the weather. Like most folks who live in Phoenix, about September I’m pretty tired of the triple digits. Worse, having grown up here, I know that the heat truly won’t break until Halloween. It may … Continue reading

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Hot or Cold

The weather is changing. Well, for most of the country. For those of us in the Valley of the Sun, we are in the high double digits instead of the high 110+ (that’s F not C). But, no, this isn’t … Continue reading

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