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And So It Goes

I’m like most authors, I suppose. No sooner do I finish one story than another pops up with “write me, write me.” And so I do. I think the story fairy likes me because she’s always hanging around. Must be … Continue reading

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New Release: She’s Living a Lie, He’s been Burned by Betrayal

She escapes with a dead woman’s name and finds sanctuary with a widower reeling from his wife’s betrayal. Can a love built on lies survive the truth? Gretchen Foltz honors her late father’s request and ends up locked in the … Continue reading

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Hitting Traffic

I admit it, I’m very spoiled. I commute to work before most folks are awake and when I am off work, I travel in the opposite direction of most folks. But then there is Thursday, when I have to drive … Continue reading

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I Found Him in Time to Lose Him

Many, many  years ago, we got rid of our satellite TV and switched to streaming Netflix. I love Netflix although the Might ‘Zon is doing it’s best to destroy it’s competition, and I’m not giving it up. And that’s not … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Allow in Craft Stores Unsupervised

Lately, I got it in my head that I need a Doctor Who bracelet to wear when I sign my books at Phoenix Comicon. I don’t know why I think this, I don’t particularly like jewelry as it aggravates my … Continue reading

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Grape Expectations

Spring came very early to Arizona this year, and our grape vine started sprouting like crazy. As last year, we didn’t know to cut the thing back, we had vines climbing the fence and holding the neighbor’s ficus hostage. There … Continue reading

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Getting Reamed

I always am horrified by the amount of paper I run through per book. After all, I publish mostly ebooks, no paper necessary. Except there is. I print a copy for my critique partners. I print a copy for me … Continue reading

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13 Years Old This Month

My puppy is 13 years old this month. Although we still go for our daily walks and Bear is starting to swim again, I am concerned that is limping is more pronounced. Bear is my dog. He chases all cats away and … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Life

There are times I wish I never started writing. It’s a bit like learning magic, suddenly you know all the tricks and the illusion is lost. Of course, I have favorite authors who make me forget I know the tricks … Continue reading

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Fun Olde Tymes

This past Saturday, we managed to take our two daughters and one’s boyfriend to the Ren Faire way over on the other side of town. During the drive, we managed to talk about health insurance and, of course, there was … Continue reading

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