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It’s a Cat’s Trophy

The hubbinator came home the other day to a horrible smell. Seems one cat caught something and shared it with the other four. Little piles of throw-up everywhere (in assorted colors, too). After cleaning up the mess, opening the windows … Continue reading

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The Christmas Time Paradox

Yes, I’ve been binge watching Christmas movies. In my defense, they started at midnight and kept going until midnight. I had to show how much I approved by tuning in. Hey, some folks watch sports. I watch Christmas movies. Even … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving USA

Tomorrow starts the long Thanksgiving weekend where we Americans will stuff ourselves almost more than the Turkeys most of us will serve. But today is prep day. I’ll be making the cherry cheesecake, prepping the salad, and double checking the … Continue reading

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You Knew It Was Coming

I’ll admit, I get irritated when I see Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over. (Note: This does not apply to craft stores, when I expect to see Christmas items in August). I mean really? Don’t they know that the … Continue reading

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Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and you know what that means–Christmas movies. I’ll be the first to admit that since giving up cable/satellite nearly 10 years ago, the only time I missed it was during the holiday season. Why? Because … Continue reading

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I Did It

For the first time ever, I participated in NaNoWritMo. If you’ve never heard on of it, November is the yearly challenge to writers and aspiring writers to write a book in a month. The idea is get through the rough … Continue reading

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It’s Time Again

Like most folks who work full time, I look forward to my days off. The plan, as usual, is to sleep in. Alas, reality and plans rarely mirror each other. Rain or shine, work day or day off, I wake … Continue reading

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Happy Veteran’s and Remembrance Day

You’ve heard the line; this is the day. On November 11th, 1918, an armistice was declared pretty much ending the First World War. Many of the Commonwealth nations (those former colonies of Britain that didn’t have an armed revolution to … Continue reading

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No Matter Who You Vote For on Tuesday, Remember This

Every American has one of these: Yes, that is the cabinet where I keep my plasticware. Some of you may brag about having the vintage margarine and dessert topping storage, but some of us don’t remember to save them and … Continue reading

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No, I’m ┬ánot talking politics. I’m talking those original undead. Sorry to sound like a Tanya Tucker song, but I was a fan of the genre before it was cool. I remember the days when zombies were created by Voodoo … Continue reading

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