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Free Apocalyptic Novel

Since it is my favorite time of the year, I decided to make Redaction: Extinction Level Even free. And has even price matched it. Extinction Level Event Six months after an Influenza Pandemic swept across the globe, the world … Continue reading

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Beginning Again

Well, I’m doing it again. Working on quilting my daughter’s quilt by hand. I think I’ve started the project about 3 times now over several years. Too many years. But this year, I vow to finish the quilt. And I … Continue reading

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The smell of Easter

It’s odd how some traditions fall away when your children get older. And so it was weird when I was out walking the dog to get hit with a memory of Easter thanks to an overpowering scent of vineager. That’s … Continue reading

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Look What I Did

Some days, I just need to relax. So here is my weekend projects, avoiding housework and people (outside of my family). Most of these were made for my sister. Now I just have to get them in the mail.  

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Why have you betrayed me?

I’ve been in a relationship with my body for all my life. Shocking, I know. But I’m sure most humans have the same story, although the length may vary. Either way, it is perfectly normal to have certain expectations in … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but I seem to be collecting things subconsciously. The first thing was napkins. I, naturally, blame my children for this. You see, when you have small and medium-sized children there is always a need for … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Tonight the first of our Christmas celebrations begins. From me to you and yours,  I’d like to wish you a wonderful Christmas or whichever of the many holidays that are celebrated this time of year. Take care. Be safe. Have … Continue reading

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