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Rage against the GMOs

GMOs have been in the news a lot lately. Good timing on my part, since in my book, Hadean: Threshold of Extinction, GMOs bring us one bite closer to the apocalypse. Now, I’m the first to tell you that when … Continue reading

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Hadean: Threshold of Extinction, Chapter 5 (Available 5/5/15)

Chapter 5 Raine Czekalski slid off the cherry wood stool, landing silently in her scuffed combat boots. Holding the corner of the toast in her mouth, she scraped her plate off the marble breakfast bar. Moisture snaked down the dual-pane … Continue reading

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Friday Funny—Top 10 Country Songs

Thanks to Hugh for these. Gonna have to look them up on youtube:D 10. I Hate Every Bone in Her Body, But Mine 9. I Ain’t Never Gone To Bed with an Ugly Woman, But I Woke Up With A … Continue reading

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Someone’s Watching

Did you ever have one of those weeks? You know the kind where trying to get anything done is like swimming upstream in a flood? Yeah, that’s what the last few weeks have been like.  As a result I’ve spent … Continue reading

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Hadean—Threshold of Extinction, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Rosa’s loafers slapped the linoleum. Each footfall echoed down the hallway, overriding the buzz of the fluorescent light near the emergency exit. A wedge of bright light strobed through the open door. Same pristine white walls, same closed … Continue reading

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Friday Funny—Those Who’ve Mastered the Art of Snow

A little late because apparently this was supposed to go on the 17th of April, 2016. Now that the weather is a little warmer, Enjoy!

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Free Historical Romance

Lieutenant Lucien Duplan is wounded and trapped behind German lines. To reach the Dutch border and freedom, he needs Madeline Thevenet—a woman who eases his pain but is destined to become a nun.   Aiding the man responsible for her … Continue reading

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Hadean—Chapter 3 (Threshold of Extinction) Coming May 5th, 2015

Chapter 3 Rosa Robelski leaned back in the bucket seat. Punching the start/stop button of her hybrid card, she inhaled deeply. Ahh, that new car smell. She hadn’t experienced it until yesterday. What a waste of twenty-four years. As the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny—Amazing Photos of Amazing Things

Amazing Photos of Amazing Things! Adidas Shop in Amsterdam: Bali, Indonesia swim resort. A bridge made entirely of trampolines. At the University of Munich in Germany, this 4 story slide can take students from any floor down to ground level. … Continue reading

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Day Trip Part II—Old Tucson Studios

Since it was right along the road connecting the west side of Saguaro National Park to the east side, we decided to stop into Old Tucson Studios. This is an active studio lot but is open to the public. the … Continue reading

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