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They Laughed

I have several addictions. Books being the biggest, but crafts come in a close second. I blame the problem on my first job working for Michaels. There was so much to do, so many things to try. This month’s obsession … Continue reading

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You Knew It Was Coming

I’ll admit, I get irritated when I see Christmas decorations before Halloween is even over. (Note: This does not apply to craft stores, when I expect to see Christmas items in August). I mean really? Don’t they know that the … Continue reading

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Stringing Along

I’ve decided to make my own costume this year for Halloween. Hubbinator thought it would save money. I laughed and laughed, wiped the tears from my eyes and said, sure we can go with that answer. To be fair, I’m … Continue reading

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I’m not sly, I’m crafty

I don’t have many vices. Or should I say things, I would count as a vice. But I have to admit to a love of crafting. Maybe it is because my first job was with Michaels. Or maybe I’m just … Continue reading

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In Honor of National Coloring Book Day

Although the day was yesterday, I believe it is important to celebrate some holidays year round. Here is my current work in progress: Yes, I use crayons, markers, and watercolor pencils. I’ve already colored pages from Creative Cats and Art … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Allow in Craft Stores Unsupervised

Lately, I got it in my head that I need a Doctor Who bracelet to wear when I sign my books at Phoenix Comicon. I don’t know why I think this, I don’t particularly like jewelry as it aggravates my … Continue reading

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When the going gets stressed, the stressed get coloring.

At my great niece’s birthday party, I was talking to my niece who was talking about the benefits of coloring books. Coloring books. I remember them. I actually have a few pages my sisters colored with me while I was … Continue reading

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