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Maker Monday

Yay, I actually had time to work on some cards. I am very behind in making Thank You cards and there’s plenty of birthday cards to make, too. At least, this is a start even if the thank you cards … Continue reading

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In one of the youtube videos that I watched, the crafter mentioned that it is easier to make cards using an assembly line technique. One day, I would cut the papers. The next day, I would stamp the sentiments and … Continue reading

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Friday Fun Fact

There are those who think winter is cocoa season. But cocoa is good every season.

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This month’s reading

It’s funny how a little cancer scare can derail hobbies and habits. For nearly half a year, I haven’t read. I love to read, but somewhere in the back of my head was this worry that gnawed at the pleasure … Continue reading

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Three phases of Christmas

Just as there is a Christmas Past, Present and Future, there are 3 phases to the gift giving process of Christmas. There is buying the presents, returning some presents, and lastly the organizing of the stuff you have accumulated. We … Continue reading

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Squash Hopes

It’s fall, which means squash season in the produce section. This year I decided to be a bit adventurous and try roasting some new kinds of squash in the oven for dinner. I figured, if worse came to worse, I … Continue reading

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Well, it is finally here. The last month of the year. Which means only one thing—it’s time to make Christmas cards. I always find myself a couple short, but I am hoping that won’t be the case when I make … Continue reading

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A Day to Rest

I am on vacation from work, yet every day I start the day with a list of things to do. So today I am rebelling and will be relaxing and watching movies and reading. No errands. No sorting, organizing, etc. … Continue reading

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Something Sticky This Way Comes

Cooler weather has finally arrived, which means I can wear sweatpants while I relax at home (i haven’t quite put my shorts away). Unfortunately the yard isn’t quite cooperating. The weeds have taken the opportunity to stretch out and flower. … Continue reading

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Stepping up

October and the weather has actually been cool here in Phoenix. That hasn’t happened in quite a while. And while we have come close to reaching 100F, we have managed to stay just a hair below it. To celebrate, the … Continue reading

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