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Yes, I did it.

We were at Costco the other day and tried this raspberry syrup. It was amazing. So I made pumpkin spice pancakes and used it. Delicious. But then I kinda got to thinking… What is syrup but flavored sugar? And so … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

I hope everyone enjoys the day and gets plenty of treats. I thought I’d share my sister’s recipe for Witch stew. Ask witch to stand in a cauldron, add water. That’s it. Happy Halloween. DISCLAIMER: No witches were harmed in … Continue reading

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Growing Up

It’s been the rainiest October in a long, long time here in Phoenix. And, really, all I can say is “Yay!” I love the rain. We have a metal awning that protects our pool equipment from the blazing sun and … Continue reading

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The Gloves are off

We were supposed to get rain yesterday. We had sprinkles at 3:30 in the morning but then it was sunshine and occasional clouds. So the hubbinator and I went to the home improvement store to purchase some plants for our … Continue reading

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Halloween Movies

I’ve been binging on Halloween movies since September. I have to say I love them, even the bad ones. I especially enjoyed Netflix’s rebooting of the Haunting of Hill House. Wonderfully done (although the Hubbinator didn’t like it as much … Continue reading

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Get Stuffed

We purchased a couch about a year ago and the cushions were hard as a rock. Over time, they softened, then stayed squished. It’s not very comfortable sitting on a slopping couch, so I decided to purchase new pads for … Continue reading

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Why I’ll Never Be Rich

I watch Antiques Roadshow. I love the show. The hubbinator and I like to guess how much things are worth. And I’m usually wrong. Really, really wrong on things that I don’t like or think are ugly. Seems that those … Continue reading

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