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Redaction: Melt Down (Chapter 10, unedited)

Chapter Ten Easing in front of her, Eddie aimed his shotgun at the restaurant’s dark kitchen. “Come out, or I’ll shoot.” Audra swallowed the lump of fear wedged in her throat and tiptoed into place behind him. Stupid!  How could … Continue reading

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Day 1: The Kitchen

So here is Friday’s adventure land: Don’t you think the white garbage bags with blue tape give it a real classy feel?  

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The Sky is Falling

I was talking to my mom on Sunday (yes, I have a mom–despite comments to the contrary I was not hatched nor dropped off by aliens) when I heard a plop-plop noise coming from the kitchen. Darn. I knew those … Continue reading

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Redaction: Melt Down (chapter 9, unedited)

Chapter Nine Mavis stared at the clump of dirt on the Humvee’s carpet. Black rock in brown soil. Another round pinged the vehicle, freeing emotion from the yoke of logic. Sunnie! Her lungs sawed for breath. Lacing her fingers, she … Continue reading

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It’s my Birthday Month

My birthday is in July and according to my husband’s rules, I get to celebrate the whole month long. 31 days all about me. My husband is not so lucky as his birthday falls in the same month as our … Continue reading

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Mesa Verde National Park

My husband and I took a trip to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. The idea was to do research for the sequel to Redaction, but really I wanted a chance to get up close and personal with the Cliff … Continue reading

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Redaction: Melt Down (chapter 8, unedited)

Update: The book is done at 130K and after sending it out to critique partners and beta readers, I’ll send it off to the editor. I’m still on track for it to go live at the end of August. Chapter … Continue reading

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