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Goals, Goals, Goals

I am not a goal-oriented person. Never have been. Shocked? Most people are. Apparently being a scientist is synonamous with anal retentive, schedule slave. No, those are engineers () Still, you can’t be a writer on this planet and not … Continue reading

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Using Body Language in fiction

Effective characterization is a balance between dialogue, narrative and action. Dialogue is relatively easy for those of us who hear voices. Each word use and syntax holds certain nuances that are unique to that character’s background. Image an 80 year … Continue reading

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Interview with Kim Baccellia

What prompted you to write that first book/short story? **I didn’t see many fantasies that had Latino protagonists. I was a bilingual teacher at the time and thought why shouldn’t there be a fantasy that showed Mesoamerican/Mexican mythology. So I … Continue reading

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Body Language Links

For those of you who have just started writing, body language is that unspoken communication that reflects how a person truly feels. The TV show Lie to Me, made good use of this tool in their investigations. Here are a … Continue reading

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You Know You’re a Writer When…

What sets writer’s apart from other people? Here are some of my favorite examples: 1–You hear the word heroine and you think character, not drug. 2–Your daughter writes a short story romance and you think, Yeah! and her fourth grade … Continue reading

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A Life in Balance

I write for the challenge. To put it another way, writing is not easy for me, painting those word pictures requires digging deep and dredging up emotions that my characters need to have in order for the story to come … Continue reading

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Interview with Dorien Gray

What prompted you to write The Elliott Smith Mystery/paranormal series? Ordinary people finding themselves in extraordinary circumstance have always fascinated me, and always make good material for stories. I just wondered how an average guy who didn’t believe in spirits … Continue reading

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