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Is That a Thing? OMG, That is a Thing

Snottite. Yeah, it sounds like something a writer would make up. But it is real. Very, very real. Have you heard of stalagmites and stalactites, well meet their very snotty cousin. Apparently this lovely bacteria hangs from caves and has … Continue reading

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I’m Wishing…

Maybe I’ve spent too much time being an adult and handling my adult responsibilities. Or maybe the calling to be a writer is stronger than being a scientist. Either way, I’ve decided I want to run away from home. Where … Continue reading

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Day Trip Part II—Old Tucson Studios

Since it was right along the road connecting the west side of Saguaro National Park to the east side, we decided to stop into Old Tucson Studios. This is an active studio lot but is open to the public. the … Continue reading

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Shuffling on down to… Wickenburg

To get to and from the Vulture Mine, we drove through Wickenburg. The scenery was gorgeous. And it had been a while since I’d actually visited downtown. We were pleasantly surprised that the town has taken measures to preserve its … Continue reading

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Vulture Mine and Ghost Town

Yes,  I watch  ghost hunting shows. I can admit it. I think they’re fun, when the ‘hunters’ don’t take themselves too seriously. A while ago, we watched Ghost Adventures where the three investigators visited Vulture Ghost town.  Being a fan … Continue reading

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