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You’re never too old

This weekend, I went to a writing workshop. Since I wasn’t writing, I was torn between going and staying at home. I really wanted to stay at home, but I had paid money to go. So I went. It was … Continue reading

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Day 9

It’s been 9 days since I’ve gone off caffeine. And I’m exhausted. Here I thought most of my days were powered by inappropriate thoughts, but it turns out a lot of that fuel came from caffeine. Yesterday was so bad … Continue reading

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Things No One Told Me

Growing older is an adventure. Not because of the things you do or visit, but because of what your body teaches you. Things like groomed eyebrows can turn into Old-School Klingon eyebrows over night, and there’s always one hair that … Continue reading

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Best Intentions

I meant to write all weekend. To add some needed word count to projects. But a text bomb from work decimated my plans. I managed to write one chapter before the plans were derailed and 2 more chapters were dictated. … Continue reading

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You know the type. The ones that speed because the limits apply to everyone except them. The cheaters, liars, etc. to whom the law doesn’t apply. Exceptional characters are common figures in apocalyptic fiction. They’re the ones who break the … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions

I took a couple days off work. I had not realized how badly the stress was getting to me until it started to ease. I had hoped to write. You know, finish that book that I started last summer. But… … Continue reading

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Yes, I binged

Netflix remade Lost in Space. And I watched all 10 episodes over the weekend. I had seen a few episodes over the years, but I’d never seen the entire series like the hubbinator has. I had seen the movie that … Continue reading

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Every Time

It happens around this time. No, it’s not allergies. Or taxes. It’s house cleaning. It seems never ending. And like death and taxes it is inevitable. Sure there are times when I break out the mop, broom, and other accoutrements … Continue reading

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The best thing since…

Sliced bread? The bread slicing machine didn’t come into being officially until 1928 but the original prototype was in 1912 (alas a fire ate it). How about instant iced tea? This is the hubbinator’s favorite saying even though neither of … Continue reading

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What if?

What if the internet crashed? Poof. Gone. I would think that the impact on many of us would be negligible if the crash only lasted for a short time. And yet… My work phone works via the internet. In many … Continue reading

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