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Friday Funny—Happy Pictures

I hope these put a smile on your face:

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I watch a lot of weird documentaries. For research purposes and so I don’t have to write. Ahem, I mean, so I can think of new twists to add to stories. Yeah, that’s it. So I watched this documentary on … Continue reading

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Writing Totems

I first encountered totems during my job as a scientist. Funny, isn’t it. Yet, there were all these little figures around the computers in the environmental lab where I worked. They were to protect the instrument, make it run all … Continue reading

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Friday Funny

Thanks to my sister for sending me this.

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Color Envy

Sorry, this was supposed to be published Monday. Guess I was sicker than I thought. Lately, the universe has been showing me that I’ve been found lacking in my book notebooks. NOTE: the notebooks help me to brainstorm a scene, … Continue reading

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