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Syn-En: Plague World, Chapter 4

  Chapter 4   “Sir, the Human ship is moving out of the solar system.” Sitting at the helm of the dreadnaught, the Scraptor in pale pink armor sat in a metal chair that listed to the right. His primary … Continue reading

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Syn-En Plague World Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Ten minutes after the Scraptor made his demands, Bei strode into the ready room next to the bridge. Electronics hummed. Human fear and Skaperian determination hung heavy on the rectangular room. Two-thirds of the command staff were already … Continue reading

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SciFi Romance by Vijaya Schartz

I’ve known Vijaya for a long time and love her unique twists on SciFi, plus she has cats in her books. Who wouldn’t love that? BOREALIS IX: AKIRA’S CHOICE By Vijaya Schartz Sci-fi romance novella Kindle: http://amzn.com/B00EWTQHAW Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/c/vijaya-schartz Bounty … Continue reading

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Blue Maneuver-Chapter Three

Chapter Three I jerked awake and the world started its mad tango. Again. Cotton batting shrouded my thoughts while stray memories struggled to poke through. This wasn’t quite the do-over I’d imagined, especially if it cost my meeting with Mr. … Continue reading

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Character Interview: Kiti Dolana

Happy Saturday everyone. It is my very great pleasure to have Cynthia Woolf and her smart and sassy character Kiti Dolana with me today. I love Cindy’s SciFi romance series and have reviewed both fabulous books. And being such a wonderful … Continue reading

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Animosity: Chapter Two

Here’s another sneak peak at my latest SciFi romance, Animosity. Chapter One Chapter Two “Hello, baby brother.” A woman’s image filled the screen. For a herit, the steaming video flickered. The picture narrowed to include only her face and shoulders. … Continue reading

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Animosity–Chapter 1

Chapter One Clasping his hands behind his back, Brongill of Da’Hap steeled himself against the unease twitching through him. “One thousand, one hundred twelve solar cycles is a long time to be gone.” Laughter drifted on the stale air of … Continue reading

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