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Sunday Cinema in Review

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about movies in the theatre. I’m talking about those available on the little screen. And just for grins, I’m throwing in some shows from TV as well. I love a good story but … Continue reading

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Aren’t you Curious?

All those who are geeks are heart raise your hand. Yep. That’s me. I’ve been avidly scouring the internet for those images sent back from the Mars rover, Curiosity. So far, it looks a lot like the desert. But that’s okay. … Continue reading

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White water Weeks

Do you know what white water is?  It’s a kind of rapid, where once smooth and placid water begins moving quickly. Usually there’s a change such as constriction, gradient change or obstruction. So does this mean I went rafting? Not … Continue reading

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Redaction: Melt Down Chapter 11 (unedited)

Chapter Eleven Trent Powers set his hand on the pages of the Bible to keep the wind from turning them and bowed his head. Power surged through him as the crowd remained silent. He controlled them. Closing his eyes, he … Continue reading

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Kitchen: Day 2 and 3

On Friday, I posted the original picture of the water damage to our ceiling. Here it is at 10 AM. (We started at 8 AM)   At lunchtime:   Kitchen at night:   Kitchen on Day 3 before mudding the … Continue reading

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