Music to Last a Hundred Years

Yes, it’s that time again. A new book means new music. Except the music that is playing through my head isn’t new. It’s over a hundred years old.

Go figure.

It could be that I am researching for my WWI novella that is due in September, or it would be that I’m just crazy.

So what am I listening to courtesy of Youtube?

Broken Doll

Hinky Dinky Parlez-vous

These are the clean lyrics but many books site other lyrics or just made up new ones.

Over There

Which for some reason always brings to mind MASH and Father Mulcahy and his search for a Korean War song.

Alexander’s Ragtime Band

I want a Girl just like the Girl that Married Dear Old Dad

Pack up your troubles in your old Kit Bag (which is also from the Spanish-American War)

All of these seem weird and yet, in Born in Blood, the citizens of Dark Hope are preparing for war. They just don’t realize it yet.

Oh, and the cannibals are coming (but that’s book 3–Bathed in Blood).

In the meantime, here is the quote that keeps running through my head and will give you a taste of what is to come in this book:

Once lead this people into war, and they’ll forget there ever was such a thing as tolerance—President Woodrow Wilson, 1917.



About Linda Andrews

Linda Andrews lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix, Arizona. When she announced to her family that her paranormal romance was to be published, her sister pronounce: "What else would she write? She’s never been normal." All kidding aside, writing has become a surprising passion. So just how did a scientist start to write paranormal romances? What other option is there when you’re married to romantic man and live in a haunted house? If you’ve enjoyed her stories or want to share your own paranormal experience feel free to email the author at She’d love to hear from you.
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