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Writer/Artist Funded Bookstore. #Indie800

I don’t know many authors who don’t mourn the loss of bookstores. It is one of the best ways we get to meet and interact with readers. Thankfully, writers are creative people and my friend came up with the Indie 800. … Continue reading

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Hadean 2: Survivor Road, Chapter 4, Coming July 21st

Chapter 4 “Don’t throw the controller.” Raine Czekalski barked the order to her little cousin a second too late. The wing-shaped game controller bounced off the brown sectional and plunged toward the marble tile of the family room floor. Ignoring … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day USA! Enjoy these moments from American History

From “Civil War”  to  recent  wars,  “Hooverville”  in Central  Park  NYC,   poignant  moments  in  our  lives……………… Courtesy  of  Jim  Haran  (“James”  when  in  Ireland)……………… Did  any  ladies  reading  this  wear    “feedsack”   dresses  during  the  Depression? Mark Twain in Tesla’s lab, … Continue reading

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What’s Your App-titude?

So, I was in a class the other day and  the lecturer mentioned something that shocked me. He said within the next ten years, folks won’t go to websites, but will only open apps. And not from a computer but … Continue reading

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