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Friday Fun Fact

Horror movies are better if you are not rooting for the lead to die horribly just to stop their stupid behavior.

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Yes, We Did

On our Amazon prime subscription, a movie was suggested to us. One that the algo gods thought we might enjoy. It was Bad Ben, part of the Steelman Road movies. The hubbinator who usually tries to take over the world via … Continue reading

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I should have known better

Last Wednesday was Halloween. I love Halloween slightly more than I love scary movies. The first scary movie I remember watching at a theatre was the original Friday the 13th for a birthday party. I was 12 or 13 at … Continue reading

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Why Humanity is Doomed and Ways to Save Yourself

I have a book to finish. And I should have written much more than I did this last weekend. Okay, I should have written. But no, Netflix called and I answered. So I binged watched a bunch of horror movies. … Continue reading

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Things are Looking Up

I know it may be hard to believe, but human beings are predominantly optimistic. I’m not talking PollyAnna optimistic, which isn’t rational but is annoying. I’m saying that our own futures are bright. Even though the divorce rate hovers near … Continue reading

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