No Words

I find it ironic that as our technology shifts ever more toward the plug and play model, our home appliances move farther and farther away from convenience and ease of installation.

Whenever I acquire a new Bluetooth device, my phone or ipad are more than happy to connect with it. Heck, even the radio in my car will find it.

But, unpack an appliance, say a dishwasher or range and boom. Neither will have an electrical cord. The dishwasher needs a water line. And you’ll need a Phillips, a flat head, and set of socket wrenches for installation. Plus interpretive dance.

It’s insane.

And yes, the rationale has been explained to me. Homes built before and homes built after… Yada. Yada. Yada.

Eight o’clock on a work night, and I’m not in the mood to deal with a HoDe’s run that feels more like blackmail or money gouging to get parts that should come with an expensive appliance.

Which is about when I lose the ability to form words and resort to pointing, grunting, and maybe even a little snapping.

While some may point to environmentally friendly or extra safety features, I still think it is greed. Pure and simple.

Until next time.

About Linda Andrews

Linda Andrews lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix, Arizona. When she announced to her family that her paranormal romance was to be published, her sister pronounce: "What else would she write? She’s never been normal." All kidding aside, writing has become a surprising passion. So just how did a scientist start to write paranormal romances? What other option is there when you’re married to romantic man and live in a haunted house? If you’ve enjoyed her stories or want to share your own paranormal experience feel free to email the author at She’d love to hear from you.
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4 Responses to No Words

  1. Alien Resort says:

    I wouldn’t even begin to install a dishwasher. It would probably leak or poison the family.

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