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Friday Fun Fact

I wish I could read tea leaves so I would know what kind of day I was about to have after my morning cuppa.

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Friday Fun Fact

The Western World’s Age of Enlightenment coincides with the introduction of coffee and tea into the west.

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By Gum

I used a real teaspoon today.  Not for measuring an ingredient in a recipe, but for actually making tea. With looseleaf tea. The others I had used were so old, I usually ended up more enough tealeaves in the bottom … Continue reading

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Collections, Part 3

And then there are the items that we deliberately collect. I’m not sad to say that I have many such collections, mostly related to crafts like scrapbooking, jewelry making, and quilting. There’s my book collection which now spans 3 rooms … Continue reading

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Learn Something New Every Day

Today I learned that adding a piece of hard candy to hot tea adds flavor and sugar:D. Added a piece of cinnamon candy to my cup of Constant Comment. Delicious! Who knew candy had so many uses.

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