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The Final Leg

I am 31 days from the self-imposed deadline for my latest book. I thought I’d give myself an energetic boost by sketching out the end of the book. As it stood on Sunday, I have a little over 80K words. … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plans

are often the ones the universe pokes off the rails. I was quite proud of my accomplishment to keep my writing on track. Apparently, that was enough for the universe to say, oh, really? How about this. And so, here … Continue reading

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off course

I know other authors who plot out their book chapter by chapter in a 26 page document before they even begin to write Chapter 1. I start with an opening scene and the end. Then on occasion, I write out … Continue reading

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The idea

We are well and truly into 2020. I guess it is time to figure out how I’m going to spend the days, weeks, and months ahead. Last year was full of tremendous change. I’m still reeling from it, still adapting … Continue reading

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It’s harder than I thought

I gave up Candy Crush Saga. Okay, I raced through four levels to reach the last game, then decided enough was enough. I needed the time I was spending on the game to write and craft and work on other … Continue reading

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The week in review

I took the week off to be here for the contractors during the bathroom remodel. I did get some writing done. The bathroom isn’t quite done and neither are any of the projects I had planned. But I’ve made my … Continue reading

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Smashwords Summer Sale

Hello everyone, I’m participating in Smashwords Summer Sale with a few of my books. So if you’ve ever wanted a free or discounted read, be sure to check out my author page at https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/lindaandrews Be sure to use the coupon … Continue reading

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Going Short

There is a trend for cross-promotion in writing for authors to share a world. On one hand, by having a common framework in stories, authors can showcase their individual talents. The most common of these would be books written around … Continue reading

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New Music for Finishing an Old Book

Music is one of my three vices. I love music, and although I don’t alway hear it when I’m writing, I find it very inspiring. So as I work on the ghost/cozy mystery story, here are some of my latest … Continue reading

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Maybe this is prepping for the end

Humans are among the most social animals on the planet. Even more so than bees, and that’s saying something. But, there are a large number of us who when faced with the possibility of interaction with people just go meh. I … Continue reading

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