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Don’t Sit So Close to a Writer

I had to have a long talk with the hubbinator on Friday. I went to lunch with a bunch of other writers. When asked what I was writing, I happened to mention how angry I was and how I was … Continue reading

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And I Lost It

One of the reasons I started writing was to feed my hunger for learning. And few places offer more books, videos, and classes than becoming a writer. Since my last book took me nearly a year to write, I decided … Continue reading

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What I Thought I Knew

I was quite hopeful that I would have most of my book done this weekend. It is the second time writing the thing, and since I started last summer, it is the longest I’ve taken to finish a book since … Continue reading

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A Writer is a Writer, Unless There’s a Course

I attended a workshop a few months ago and asked the expert on how to make money as an author. I was told to stop writing and start teaching. I think my brain got whiplash from such talk. Teachers don’t … Continue reading

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Writing Catastrophe

I took today off from work and hope to be able to finish my book. Apparently, the cats are used to running the house as one cat lay near the computer. Her bottom neatly keeping the Caps lock on while … Continue reading

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Friday Funny

this is thanks to my sister who is a professor at a state university. She really gets emails like this and worse:D

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A Writer’s Life

There are times I wish I never started writing. It’s a bit like learning magic, suddenly you know all the tricks and the illusion is lost. Of course, I have favorite authors who make me forget I know the tricks … Continue reading

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