Double it

We are still unboxing, still working on those finishing touches of this phase of the remodel.

And so, I decided to eliminate one more box by installing a new light/fan and light switch in the dining room.

The switch was easy. I should have known it would be a harbinger of things to come. The lightbox in the ceiling was too small. Thinking it was attached to a ceiling joist and knowing that section of the roof was going to be nearly impossible to work in, given the steep pitch of the roof, we opted for an old installation of a new 4inch lightbox.

Yeah. Um, someone had already installed one. Which made my the hubbinator’s journey in the attic unnecessary. Except he was already in there and had to make his way out.

Nah, it was the three trips to 3 different DIY stores trying to find a new box the same depth of the old (didn’t happen). And asking if there was an adapter to make a 3inch box into a 4inch box. Not at two places.

But ACE hardware carried one. And so after a fifteen-minute long search for the stupid screw that had fallen to the floor, we managed to get everything up.


I budgeted for 3 hours. It took over 5.

Until next time.


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Do you believe?

I was at lunch with coworkers the other day, and one mentioned that many people in this country and others, especially where nationalism (not to be confused with patriotism) is on the rise, suffer from Mental Poverty.

Not having heard the term before, I looked it up. I found it in the urban dictionary. It says, Mental Poverty is: It is a system that exists where the norm is ignorance and refusal. Refusal to change, to try and learn new and better ways of not only thinking but also putting thoughts into action.

Certainly, we see this in flat Earthers, holocaust deniers, and in the climate change debate, but I think it goes even deeper. Part may be a push back due to fears of job loss and fear of the unknown. Certainly, my friend sees this in her daughter who thinks reality TV is actually reality.

We live in the information age. I am flabbergasted that so many chose to suffer from mental poverty.

What are your thoughts?


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Undecking the Halls

We are among the last holdouts of the neighborhood. The ones who leave their Christmas decorations up until the Epiphany, or the 12th Day of Christmas (yes it is more than just a song, no I don’t have 11 lords a-leaping).

What I do have is a house lit by the motion lights and the porch light but no twinkle lights in bright colors.

I acquired two new ornaments to add to the memories I packed away in plastic bins and stowed in the laundry area.

With the stockings and collectibles gone, I have bare shelves. Lots of them.


Well, that bottom one isn’t quite bare. It is my newest addition. A tea shoppe complete with a sign offering scones. Soon my summer collection will go up, with an early 19th-century train station and people and hotel and beach scene.

Soon, the sun will rise earlier and earlier and push the temperatures into the triple digits once more.

Until then, I think I’ll watch a few more Christmas movies.


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Although the biggest pieces of the remodel are finished, there are still tons of little things we have to do.

I managed to find time over the holidays to hang some shelves. Lots of shelves.

I love the storage.


these two are in the laundry area. One above the washer and dryer, the other above our freezer.


We got the mirror and shelves installed in our son’s bathroom, along with a towel hook.


And lastly, we installed a new doorknob.

Until next time.


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Can’t have just one

I tried. I really did. My son and the hubbinator have this thing. Apparently, there is this unwritten rule where you can only burn one scented candle until it is gone.


Is it gone yet?

So I did it. I tried just the one from Halloween until the first of the year. I burnt two candles.

And maybe went a little nuts. And bought these:


After they arrived, I decided nuts to the one candle at a time rule. I am now happily burning through them, picking a different scent every day.

And am much happier.

Until next time.

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What are you reading?

I managed to finish 2 of Carola Dunn’s Daisy Dalyrumple mysteries over the Christmas Holidays. So I started in January with two books:

101 Safety and Self-Defense Tips

And I am debating which cozy mystery I’ll pick up for the month. I will be going to the library this week to pick up a few cookbooks I placed a hold on and decided to peruse the shelves for my next adventure.

So what are you reading?

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The idea

We are well and truly into 2020. I guess it is time to figure out how I’m going to spend the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Last year was full of tremendous change. I’m still reeling from it, still adapting to the changes, and still low on that steep learning curve of a new job.

But with the blessing of my boss, I am able to have a flex schedule and can now work back in the writing.

But what to write? So I’ve sort of developed a schedule, a target list of publishing.

Here’s my plan:

4/15- publish a new SciFi apocalyptic novel

8/15-publish either Hadean 4 or Love’s Great War 7

12/15-publish the one that wasn’t written over the summer

Pretty loose and generous writing time of 3 manuscript pages a day. Here it is day 3 of the New Year and I’m still on schedule.

I also have 2 personal things I’d like to change-trying one new recipe a week and switching to one environmentally product during the year (this was a challenge from my sisters).

So there you have it. If you’re interested in any of my upcoming releases, join one of my newsletters to learn more.

Until next time!

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