Not Gonna Happen

I have stuff. A lot of stuff. I’ve been on this planet for a while now, lived in my house for quite a bit of time, and expanded into that spare bedroom when one of the kids moved out.

Most of the stuff I don’t use. Probably, the same amount I don’t really need. So I have been researching how to minimize my lifestyle.

All was going well until I was told to throw out old books.

I… what?

Old books aren’t like used tissue (which face it, most of us have reused when the tissue box ran empty). They’re books. Books that can be read again. And again. Heck, I even buy old books.

I supposed I could just ignore that ludicrous piece of advice and carry on. But instead, I think I’ll buy a used book and add it to the overflowing shelves in my daughter’s old bedroom.

Until next time.


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Where are the Easter Carols

I hope everyone had an excellent Easter celebration or Sunday, as the case may be. I’m sure the chocolate bunny carnage was at an all time high and am happy to report I have a few deviled eggs left over for my lunch this week.

And yet, while I was making Easter breakfast I was wondering why there are no Easter Carols to sing us through the egg hunts occurring in backyards and church grounds.

I did think of one and no it wasn’t this one:

It was this one:

And the only reason I remember it was because my mother in law purchased a bunny that when you pressed its paw sang the song.

If you know of another, please post in the comments section. I’d love to have another ear worm to drive me crazy all day.:D

Until next time.

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We didn’t have much of a winter. And we didn’t have very much rain. In all, most of us in Phoenix are wondering just how hot this summer will be given the 90 degree days in February.

But that is something I can worry about tomorrow.

Today, I want to celebrate spring. You know, the time before the desert returns to its normal brown color.

So the hubbinator and I went to HoDe’s and bought spring flowers which I planted in the shady part of our yard.


Lillies for Easter which the cats have already tried to eat.


These are for the front area so I can enjoy them every day when I come home.


And these daffodils which are my favorite flower. Not from HoDe’s but Trader Joe’s. They didn’t make it to Easter but that’s alright. I know where to get more.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Don’t Put That in Your Mouth

I watched Crooked House on prime this last weekend. It was a remake of the old Agatha Christie classic, which naturally meant that other mysteries started being recommended. And I took the click bait.

We watched Then There were None from the 1940s also known as 10 Little Indians.

Then we watched an oddball mystery set around a group of people and a writer having a murder mystery house party. Naturally, someone died for real and the hunt was on.

I was enjoying the adventure until the doctor on the scene sipped a drink and declared it a sedative. It would have been funny if he’d passed out from the sedative, but he didn’t. Imagine if the drink had been laced with cyanide?

Oh my. How times have changed. I’m just glad the sniff and taste test is discouraged in the lab where I work:D

Until next time.

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The Fear is Real

Well, I did it. After our couch broke, we purchased a new one online. It was being delivered in boxes.

It was only after the button was pressed did I think of it. You know what it was. The fear that the sofa would arrive in boxes. Lots and lots of boxes.

And I would be given an Alan wrench and a set of pictograms that looked like someone dancing the macarana.

Thankfully it arrived in two boxes. One contained the cushions and the other had 7 wooden pieces and associated hardware.

I had it assembled within fifteen minutes.


Then I added the cushions. And the cat leapt from the fish tank onto the back and the cushions toppled over. The cat landed on her feet on the floor and meowed at me for the next 20 minutes. She was not amused. I laughed.


It is an indoor/outdoor couch. And while we expect the cushions to be trashed by next year, we think the teak frame will last quite a while.

Until next time.

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Days Late

St. Paddy’s day has come and gone and yet I still have corned beef in my freezer. It’s kinda funny but when I miss out on a tradition I get kind of twitchy. Like the year I missed the fair.

Twitchy isn’t good.

It kinda leads to obsession about the thing in question. So while it may be days later, we’re going to have the traditional corned beef and cabbage (and potatoes) dinner tonight. Sure it’s Friday, during Lent, but I can live with it.

Of course, I could have moved the corned beef to the big freezer and not have to look at it, but that wouldn’t be any fun. And, I still have to resort all the food in the freezer since we got the new fridge.

As far as problems go, it’s not a bad one to have. So I’m gonna reward myself with some corned beef and cabbage:D

Until next time.

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There are roof rats in our neighborhood. A few of our neighbors have undergone extensive and expensive pest control to remove them. So far (knock on wood), we’ve been lucky.

I believe that is partly due to our symbiotic relationship with the few feral cats in our neighborhood.

It started with a dish of water, mainly to slow down the egress of lost dogs through our neighborhood (we live very close to a major interstate and 2 busy roads) in the hopes of catching them and returning them home.

It evolved into a pigeon watering hole which was great on the bug control front but a pain on our pool.

Then we noticed a cat. It was on our roof after the coyotes patrolled (which keeps the population down of cats and dogs)

So we put out a little dish of hard food (which also feeds the birds) and a few cats showed up. Our neighbor noticed and mentioned that she traps and spays/neuters them before returning them to the streets.

Now, the only one of the ferals to still be around has decided we are okay and is gifting us with a pigeon wing here and there. Of course, there is a statute of limitations on his generosity and so if we don’t accept such a gift, he gobbles it down and leaves only the feathers. Yesterday, there was a whole bird (minus the belly) by my truck.

I guess since we’re feeding them; they’re willing to share their food with us. I’m just happy for them to keep the rats away from my property. Those crunchies are a lot cheaper than the exterminator.:D

Until next time.

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