Tea Time

It’s been raining here for four days straight. Awesome. It actually feels kind of like fall with the temperatures in the high 80s.

So naturally, I think it’s time to switch to something warm to drink.

It started with a tin of tea that is probably about 17 years old. Yes, I used the tea bags. And the tea tasted great. Ditto with some loose tea from 5 years ago. Then I tried a musty box of apple cinnamon tea from last year. Bleh.

Then I set off on a search for some awesome tea to stock up on that wouldn’t lose its flavor within a year.

I’ll be restocking my supply of tea forte and searching for flavor temptations from Stash(?). I have a couple of rogue tea bags from Tapestry, and my sister hooked me up with this awesome blue raspberry tea from The Spice and Tea Exchange, a Portland company, that I will be exploring.

But for now, I’m visiting the Republic of Tea and their tea assortment. Which by far, Blueberry sage is my favorite.  I also ordered lemon chiffon (which tastes like cake batter) and Vanilla almond (which tastes like an almond cookie) and their Mango Ceylon which wasn’t as flavorful as the others. They did tempt me with a free Christmas tea bag but it wasn’t anything over the top special like the others. But they do have some Christmas variety packs that are on my list.

I see tea hoarding in my future:D

Until next time.

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Prepping for the holidays

October 1st. The holidays are coming. Sure, I may have had my Halloween decorations up since the beginning of September, but that’s not holiday prep.

That’s just fun.

So what do I mean by holiday prep?

I mean clearing out space to make room for all those supplies your going to buy.

From Scotch tape and wrapping paper to napkins and tablecloths.

And in my case, it’s baking. I love to bake and with the temperatures actually out of the triple digits for the first time in months I’m ready to heat up my oven for baking breads, cookies, brownies, cakes etc.

This means I have to clean out the two freezers (one an upright freezer the other attached to my fridge). I’ve already found 2 bags of buried chocolate chips with about a 1/4 of chips in each. And I just bought a new 5lb bags of chips. I also have some toffee chips and caramel chips.

Then I must move on to my pantry. Do you have any idea what year-old marshmallows look like? I do. It’s not pretty. It’s kind of scary actually. I thought the swollen bag might explode like a balloon popping and mutant marshmallows taking over the dark places in my kitchen.

What do you do to prep for the holiday season?

Until next time.

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As I get older, I begin to suck more and more at time management. It’s not that I don’t have them, it’s that I want to squander my time on things I want to do not what I should be doing.

I often wonder if this is what defines a sen-ager.

Take my Netflix habit for instance. I will look at 2 shows-one 45 minutes long, the other 22 minutes. I don’t plan to waste 45 minutes so I pick the shorter show.

And end up watching 3 or 4 of them in a row.

Yeah, that kind of logic lands people in the looney bin.

But I keep doing it, even though the shows are about spouses killing spouses and the hubbinator keeps asking if this is research for a book or just research:D

Apparently, just interested is not a reassuring answer.

Don’t worry, the hubbinator is still alive and well. As for the book, well that 45 minutes I was going to spend writing was instead spent on an interesting killing in England. Oh, look a series on serial killers. And each episode is only 40 minutes long. LOL

Until next time…

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Free Writers Workshop

Come to the Tempe Library for a free workshop on writing romance and romantic elements.


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One word can have lots of meanings. Take garden for example. My niece-in-law is British and uses the term to convey any backyard.

For most Americans it refers to a formal botanical setting with flowers or an area devoted to growing food. We are currently working to turn our weedy dirt patch into something where wildlife and visit and we can enjoy when it’s not 100 degrees.

Sadly, I will never have a garden like my grandparents had, not while we live in the desert and water should be conserved.

Both my grandparents were roughly the same age. They lived through the Great Depression, the world wars, and the lean times in between. One set lived on the outskirts of a big city; the other were sharecroppers moving at least once a year, chasing a harvest.

Both had a vegetable garden.

But my city grandparents elected to grow fewer and fewer vegetables as I grew up. Of course, they were always chasing the flavorful tomato (with great success).

My country grandparents had a back yard that was a garden. Every inch not devoted to the clothesline or shed grew something. Corn, peas, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, black berries, okra, green beans, and a host of other things. Year after year, my grandmother tended her garden.

And while my folks tried to bring our garden to Arizona from Maryland, it never quite made it.

The hubbinator and I have read and worked to create something in our backyard only to have it taken over by weeds and grass in the end.

So my grandmother’s garden became this magical place, and one day I hope to move to a place where I can create a garden. At least once. I’m old enough to know that a garden like that requires a lot of work. But the foodie in me says it’s worth it. Sadly, it will have to wait until I retire or become a rich author Hollywood always tells stories about.

Until next time.

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Translation Please

I bought a book. Okay, I’ve bought many, many, many books. All of them written in English.

But this particular book was about finance.


Yeah, it was a conspiracy book about those with stars upon thars out to save themselves at the expense (literally) of those without stars upon thars.

I had read the opening with no problem, but then I started chapter 1 (which just happens to be about 1.5 hours long by the way I read) when I noticed that although I could understand the words, the meaning was somehow eluding me.

So I started reading aloud to my husband, who understands the magic/voodoo/hokum that is finance and asked him to translate.

For now and until the end of the book, the hubbinator and I will be spending time reading together then discussing passages in this book, just so that I can understand what is being said.

When I told my dad of this turn of events, he wanted to know why I was reading the book given my difficulties understanding the concepts. My reply was that I plan to destroy the world and this book would help me do it. Given that I write books about the apocalypse, I thought that was QED.

Then again, maybe I just have masochistic tendencies or, more than likely, want to know stuff, especially stuff found in books:D

Until next time.

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I’ve been writing for over 2 decades now. In that time, I’ve discarded several books. Some will never see the light of day. Others I’ll be revisiting.

Revisiting is hard for me to do.

There’s a reason a story was put aside.

And really, I want to keep learning, growing, and honing my writing skills, so why would I go back and rewrite a story when I can start fresh?

For my latest writing adventure, I’m returning to 2013. In this case, I’d abandoned the story because it was written for a market, not out of passion for the story which is my normal starting point. And if I didn’t care, why would a reader?

So now I’m going back to those 6 chapters. Most of the writing is being trashed, but there are some nuggets being saved and built upon.

It is weird territory, like returning to a childhood home after years away. Familiar yet not.

Yet, here I go. Wish me luck.

Until next time.

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