New Technology: Telepathic Communications

Admit it. We’ve all done it. Written replies, letters, and emails in our heads yet never put them to paper or pixels. And as much as I love the idea of telepathic communications, I can also see how it could go horribly wrong.

Consider this:

Bob, who is in an important meeting, receives a telepathic communication from his partner asking if the milk is spoiled.

The milk is spoiled. Horribly with great big chunks and an awful smell. (because, really, don’t we all ask obvious questions?). And since telepathic letters come complete with smell-o-vision, the scenario doesn’t end there.

Poor Bob, gags, but as his partner vomits in the comfort of her own home, she stimulates the same response from Bob. At work. At his meeting. Bob vomits too.

And since this is funny for the observer, they share this scenario telepathically with their friends and family, and random strangers on social media, and soon folks are vomiting everywhere.

And while the writer in me sees story possibilities in a last letter from a murdered loved one. I can’t help but think this is a bad idea.

We all know how fast the flu spreads. What happens when someone opens that attachment from a stranger, and it’s not a communique from a prince in Kenya but a virus.

That’s how the zombie apocalypse begins folks. Just saying.

Dang. I might have to write a story or two about this:D

Until next time.

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Binge Watching

Since work has been such a joy (sarcasm font) and the writing is deadlocked, I’ve taken to binge watching during the weekends. I haven’t stopped watching documentaries that drive me nuts, but I’ve begun to moderate my exposure.

No doubt my blood pressure and throat (from the yelling at the TV) appreciate it.

Of course, for a guaranteed good time, I tend to watch Hallmark movies. And thanks to our new fire stick and I now watch shows on a 50in TV instead of my iPad. The hubbinator usually finds other things to do, but this last weekend I found a new show that he and I can enjoy together.

The series of shows is called Signed, Sealed, and Delivered. It takes place at the Dead Letter Office and involves a little mystery with a good ending.

It was just right.

Now it’s back to work and while I’m out of episodes. I hear there are movies, too.

Until next time.

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We have one of those days. Mine is in it’s fourth week for the year. 2018 is just an extension of 2017, except the trials are beginning to become exhausting.

Yet, there is always light shining through. Sometimes it’s a bright star. Other times it’s planet smashing meteor. And yes, there are times I’m rooting for the meteor.

And then something happens.

Something amazing and completely stupid. And I have to laugh.

The latch on our front door doesn’t work. It’s been that way since the month after it was installed, a year and a half ago. Yes, I called and eventually the installers came out, adjusted the latch. It worked for 2 days then broke again.

I wanted to call again. Hubbinator didn’t want to. The dead lock worked. The security door locks worked. So I didn’t call. And for the last 18 months got use to having only the deadbolt. I’m adaptable like that.

Then I got back from walking the dog, unlocked the deadbolt and leaned on the door. It didn’t open. Naturally, I checked to make sure I’d unlocked the deadbolt completely. Sure enough the door didn’t open. Given my history with the door, I figured the deadbolt had broken. I thought about calling my son to open the door. Who minds about being woken up at 423am to open a door? Except that would be admitting defeat. And I wasn’t about to lose to a stupid door.

Thankfully, I had a lightbulb moment and tried the latch. It worked!


Laughing, I walked inside. Not all problems are as big as we make them out to be.

Until next time.

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Just A Sliver

Time is a funny thing. It moves at a snail’s pace when you’re being paid by someone else to spend your time on their work, but it moves quickly when it’s your time. What is the line from that song—days are long but years are short.

Minutes can be an eternity or a blink of an eye, too. It all depends on where you are in relation to the alarm.

For me, an hour close to the alarm sounding is napping with one eye open. I’m sure the alarm won’t sound and I’ll sleep through it, making me late for work. That did happen once. Only because the power went out and we don’t rely on our phones to wake us up.

To make matters worse, I wake up at the same time whether or not I work that day. Without an alarm. It’s my routine.

I just wish I could sleep through those slivers of time and actually be awoken by the alarm clock.

Ah, well. Maybe when I retire. Although I have it on good authority it takes years to break the routine.

Until next time.

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Spam Season

Has anyone else noticed the rise in spam? Don’t get me wrong, I receive a steady stream of it all year long. But this year it’s like there’s been a training course and a whole fresh crop of folks are sending notices in bad English.

Facebook even encouraged me to respond to several messages. They said it would be good for me.

Let’s be clear. I will accept this kind of SPAM:

Not any other. You can’t cook with those:D

Until next time.

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Free Writing Workshops

Free Writing Workshops



During the Glendale Chocolate Affaire

Glendale Civic Center Annex

10AM: Social Media Made Simple by Leslie Keller

11AM: The Art of the Short Story by Tina Radcliffe

Noon: Organized Pantsing by Patricia Batta

1PM: MARKETING IS NOT FOR SISSIES – How I’ve Failed to Grow My Readership with Costly and Even Free Promotions by Cathy McDavid

2PM: Rich Characters Require Research by Merle McCann and Susan Budavari


4PM From Dreams to Reality by Ross Caligiuri

5PM Putting it All Together by the Butterscotch Martini Girls

For more information visit:

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Returning to the Bar

I live in a house with others. You know the kind. Kids. The ones who swoop in an take the last of something but graciously leave the empty box, carton, or just empty space.

And so it is with soap. Liquid soap, that is. I had 2 bottles of shower gel when the hubbinator and I went shopping on Friday. Then the hubbinator took a shower and poof all those bottles are gone.

Now, we’re left with the seven bars of soap we bought 2 years ago. It’s weird how one kind of soap can last a long time and others will be gone as if by magic.

I’ll admit I love the suds created by a soap scrunchie. And nothing works as well as liquid soap in creating those bubbles, especially bar soap. It is weird, as soap is soap, but that doesn’t change the fundamental truths. Liquid soap gives more lather.

Alas I am on a bar soap regimen for another week when we can venture to the store and restock. By then I’m sure to be down to 6.5 bars of soap at least for the next few years:D

Until next time.

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