Happy New Year

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The Question of Ownership

I firmly believe they are my slippers. I purchased them. They have my feet imprinted in them. I’m sure my DNA lives in every velvety inch of them.

Yet, the new puppy would disagree.

She brings them out from my bedroom. She plays with them while I am at work. She shakes her head and allows the ends to smack her on the face. She even barks at them.

And still the struggle continues. As soon as I slip my feet in them, she’s there–maw around the pom-poms tugging and pulling to free them and run away with them.

They aren’t going to last through the winter. She’s already matted the pom-poms into lumps and is now actively biting the tops of them too in her liberation efforts. I have been pinched in the process and have jerked my foot away, leaving her the victory of a slipper.

So, while I still believe they are my slippers, it may be time to let her have them. Too bad, she doesn’t seem to want them if I’m not in them.

Ah well.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Three phases of Christmas

Just as there is a Christmas Past, Present and Future, there are 3 phases to the gift giving process of Christmas. There is buying the presents, returning some presents, and lastly the organizing of the stuff you have accumulated.

We are now in the 3rd phase where all organizational stuff will be going on sale.


I have already done my part by purchasing a gift wrap organizer. This one is cat proof so half the rolls we purchased on clearance will not be shredded by next Christmas.

Well, that is the hope. The cats will be the ultimate judges on whether the system worked. And they are already trying to break-in.

Then again, it may just be they like to use the container as a drum kit at 3am.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Merry Christmas

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Once more to the beginning

I have decided once to more start writing again. It is a scary thing as I am in the middle of writing a book but am no longer in the same headspace as when I began it over a year ago.

My hope is that by going back to Chapter 1 and revisiting it, I will recapture the mindset of my characters and be true to the vision I had.

Wish me luck.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

You don’t need to start a new year to start a new habit. Apparently, everyday is a new opportunity to make a change.

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Decking the halls

Okay, so they’re not halls; they’re shelves. But the Christmas decorations are finally up.

This made me realize I need more Christmas houses.
The cat is responsible for the spacing and they kept trying to steal a toy.
Homer has joined the nativity.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Today is a day to celebrate. After a 3 month journey I got the news I’ve been praying for—I don’t have cancer.

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Squash Hopes

It’s fall, which means squash season in the produce section. This year I decided to be a bit adventurous and try roasting some new kinds of squash in the oven for dinner. I figured, if worse came to worse, I could always use it to make soup.

Last Friday at Sprouts Farmers Market, I selected a new kind of squash. I already had a stripedty green and orange kind and a cooking pumpkin so the new round green one would look great next to the others. I know, picking based on size, shape and color is a little pathetic but there you are.

And there I was with a squash that had no barcode sticker so when I got to the checkout I had no idea what to tell the cashier when she asked what it was. I answered squash and she looked it up.

I then had to look up how to cook them all so I was grateful the cashier gave me a name.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Needle Little Christmas

I love Christmas carols. In fact, it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without them. Of course, we all have our favorites, but for me the thing that I love best comes from these 2 albums:

I have been listening to these for most of my life and I just love the memories they bring.

Alas, I thought I was going to need a new record player as I wasn’t getting any sound when the needle hit the groove. Turns out I just needed a new needle. Go figure.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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