Our Week in Portland, Part II

We managed to do the Portland Underground tour. It was a walking tour of some of downtown’s history before going underground to the tunnels where ‘shanghaied’ ¬†or crimped men were turned into sailors.

The king of crimping in Portland even crimped his teenaged son. When the tour guide asked what we thought the son did when he returned to town after 5 years at sea, I volunteered that he killed his dad. Apparently, that was the wrong answer. The correct answer is, he went into the family business-crimping.

Go figure.

Our tour also included a visit to the famous Portland sign.


And a memorial to the Americans of Japanese descent who were interred during World War II.




Until next time.

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Our Week in Portland

We were lucky enough to visit our oldest daughter in Portland. I had been to Oregon before but not to Portland, so the hubbinator and I decided to stay downtown and explore.

We toured the Oregon Historical Museum and spent a lot of time on the World War II exhibit before traveling upstairs to see the history of humans in the region. The state is a contradiction, plainly explained in many of the exhibits and the words of those who lived there. I was saddened to see only 7 tribal flags representing the 9 federally recognized nations indigenous to the state (Arizona has 21, so to me 9 is very small).

After resting, our daughter took us to the Lan Su Chinese Gardens in Portland’s Chinatown. I found the gardens peaceful and inspiring. I would love to have such a retreat in my backyard.


As much as I loved the water and koi, the amazing blooms, and just being surrounded by green, I think the standing rocks stole my heart. I want one in my backyard.


The rocks were imported from China, from a lake. Aren’t they works of art?


These rock pavers are doable in our desert. Aren’t they amazing? If you’re in the area, you may want to spend some time in this little piece of heaven. FMI

Until next time.

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Last Day of Smashwords Summer Sale

Today is the last day of Smashwords Summer sale. Many of my books are 50-100% off. Check out my sale here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/lindaandrews

And don’t forget to look around for more bargains.

Until next time!

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I don’t have a problem

I went to the land of tea. Okay, it was Portland, but the folks there love tea as much as they love their coffee. And I love tea. So, it was nice to find tea in almost all the gift shops.

Like this one at the Rose Garden:


And this one at Fort Vancouver (in Washington)


Of course, we also found shops devoted to selling teas, like this one that had a blue raspberry tea that is just awesome:


And this lovely set from a tea shop in Milwaukee, OR that my cat loves.


Then my oldest was happy to give me tea she picked out for my birthday. Which caused a thorough search going through security. That black bear blackberry is wonderful.


It wasn’t until I came home to a fully reorganized pantry that my youngest noticed the large quantities of tea I already stored. She thinks I have a problem. I don’t. I have tea. The two are spelled completely different:D.

Until next time.

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Relaxing to Death

Right now I am on vacation, and it is weird not having the normal routine stuff to do. Since we are not at home, there are no chores, no honey-do list, not even meals to prepare.

It is very weird.

Especially as I promised myself I wouldn’t even write while I am away.

My heart rate is chugging along in the 60s most of the time. I think I may be relaxing to death.

Hmm, sounds like the perfect excuse to go to the beach.

Until next time.

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Free until Monday

If you’re feeling brave, you can download These Divided States: High Price to Pay from amazon until Monday at 11:59PM PST. Hopefully, the sale is across all of amazon’s sites.


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And if you like it, please leave a review.

Until next time.


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But wait there’s more

In an effort to help me promote my books, the hubbinator is taking an online course in marketing. He was happily working his way through the modules and wondering why it always took me so long to finish the course.

Then he discovered that he’d only hit the intro to each section and that there were 5 other modules underneath.

Not everything is as simple as it appears. There are hidden depths to more than just icebergs. And while sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, not everyone smokes.

Until next time.

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