I made a thing

Well, it took me about a month of designing and redesigning, but I finally made the necklace. It’s made of wooden and metal beads and is very lightweight.


I do like the way it turned out except the bail (the part that holds the pendant to the necklace). The wire seems too thin and ready to snap. Part of the problem is the hole in the pendant is very small.

I may redo that part later, but for now, I like wearing it.

Until next time, stay healthy my friends.

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The Final Leg

I am 31 days from the self-imposed deadline for my latest book. I thought I’d give myself an energetic boost by sketching out the end of the book.

As it stood on Sunday, I have a little over 80K words.

After sketching the rest of the points, I think I have 16 more chapters. This means there are probably 20 left.

Given the chapters that remain to be written, I think my deadline may be a shifting line. Ah well, the joys of writing and I have to remember not to rush. I’ll get there in the end. I just have to be patient.

Until next time.

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Friday Fun Fact

My favorite two words of the week: Paid Vacation.

Not going anywhere, just staying home and enjoying the rain.

Happy Friday!

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Booksigning Cancelled

Hello everyone,

I am sorry to report my book signing this weekend at the Tucson Festival of Books has been canceled.

I hope I can meet some of you at Phoenix Fan Fusion at the end of May.

Until next time!

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Give an inch

The hubbinator and I have been watching Time Team on amazon Prime. For those of you who have never heard of the program, it started sometime in the 1990s and ran for a rather large number of years.

We are on Season 9

The premise of the show is: a team of diggers and archeologists team up to work on a site for 3 days. They usually start with a question they want to answer and then using ground penetrating radar (or whatever they call it), they look for anomalies that could indicate buildings or disturbed ground.

They’ve found everything from Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman settlements to missing Medieval castles and a downed World War fighter.

But the best part is when they find a shard of pottery no bigger than a nail clipping and can show the pot it came from. The hubbinator and I have a bet that the smaller the shard the bigger the pot.

It’s good fun.

Until next time.

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Friday Fun Fact

Chicken’s are fowl-mouthed beasts.

Autocorrect finds that ducking hilarious.

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Upcoming Booksignings

Hello all,

Apparently, some of you might want to know where you can meet me or purchase autographed copies of my books.

I’ll be at the Must Read Fiction, booth #119, at the Tucson Festival of Books on March 14-15th.

And at Phoenix Fan Fusion on May 21-24th. This time we moved up in the world and have moved out of the basement and onto the third floor.

Come out and see me.

Until next time.

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