Just Kitting Part 2

I know y’all were thinking this would be more card kits, but my dragon hoarding tendencies include more than paper crafts and books. I also love beads. Here are 3 from this month:

From the Bargain Bead box, Sam’s bead box, the Creative Soul kit, and Jesse James Beads, from which I already made a necklace based on Misty Moon Designs.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Are you kitting me? Part I

The card kits are coming. Yes, most of them are for the upcoming holidays, but not all. I have to say I am super excited. Here are three of the kits that arrived last week:

This one is from Love From Lizzie and is not so much holiday as all occasion celebrations. Very cute and I know my daughter will love to get some of these cards. This is my first kit from Love from Lizzie, but this is so unique and amazing I will definitely keep my subscription up for quite a while. Since my iPhone is acting up, I can’t send the photo of the kit, but these are added on–items that coordinate with the kit that are available to purchase

This is from Sizzix. It’s their monthly craft box, and it is Christmas themed.

They also had a sale so I purchased a few extra things.

Lastly, this is the Christmas card kit from Spellbinders. It came with 25 blank cards to decorate with the kits’ contents. I love Spellbinders and how it always pushes me to try new things.

Lastly, here is my August kit from Echo Park. It’s Fall. Kinda wonderful in its own way and I am looking for new ideas to make with the kit. Thankfully, youtube always comes through and I’ve been finding lots of card ideas and sketches on Instagram.

And while that may seem like lots of stuff, i do have 3 more kits coming this week.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Either there is a peg-legged ghost in my house or one of my cats has a shoe fetish.

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The Slow Down

I don’t consider myself addicted to technology. But yesterday taught me I am on my way.

You see, over the weekend I had an unfortunate encounter with a service rep of my cell provider. Only one of my 3 problems was solved, and I was hung up on. Not a good way to end a holiday weekend.

Still, I managed to solve one problem on my own, but then Tuesday came. Late in the morning when I decided to check my email, I couldn’t open the app. Worse, my text messages were arriving 1 or 2 hours later than sent, which didn’t help my folks in the field who were trying to get ahold of me.

Then, I started checking every 15 minutes. Still nothing. Was this the result of ranking someone the lowest on the scale for customer service?

Apparently not, as everyone on the network encountered the same thing.

Ah well, until next time, stay healthy.

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Happy Labor Day

Today, in the US, we celebrate Labor Day. So a big thank you for all those who contribute every day.

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Friday Fun Fact

Allergies are the garden’s revenge.

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The most wonderful time of the year

September 1st is the day to start decorating for Halloween. I know some people think it is too soon to decorate for Halloween.

Those people are wrong.

This year we had to address the Zim in the room. He is a big fan of Godzilla so he loves to destroy my villages as soon as we display them. But this year, I decided I was smarter than the average cat.

I went looking on line for a display cabinet and found a hutch online with glass doors that we have to tie to keep closed and keep Zimzilla out.

Next, I will look into purchasing some acrylic sheets to make a case for the middle shelf to protect the rest of my houses.

60 days till Halloween.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Maker Monday

I managed to spend a little time this weekend finishing up the birthday cards I was working on. Aside from the directions for the first 4 cards from Annie’s Card Kits, I used a few card sketches from Mojo Monday and Freshly pressed. It was my first time making shaker cards.

Afterwards, I stamped out some images to cut out for Fall cards, which i begin making next weekend.

Trying my hand at watercolor blending before cutting these into fall leaves.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

According to Siri and Google maps in Oregon, there is the fastest route, the longest route, and the straightest route. These are 3 different routes.

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Mt. Angel

Since we were in Silverton, the hubbinator felt it only right we stop at the brewery at a monastery in Mt. Angel. Every October, Mt Angel hosts one of the largest October festivals on the west coast.

Naturally, we arrived early so we stopped at the sausage factory for lunch. We picked up some brats for dinner. We missed the chiming of the glockenspiel but made it to the monastery in time to be blessed by the brewmaster/monk.

I am happy to say that my head didn’t spin and I didn’t vomit pea soup when the holy water touched me.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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