Book signing this weekend

I’ll be signing my books at Phoenix Fan Fusion at Artist Alley table B601.

Come see me if you are in the area.

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Win some; lose some

I have been wearing glasses since I was 16.

It wasn’t a strong prescription, but it was a necessary correction to my vision. As I was fortunate enough to get older, my eyes became a little worse and glasses for distance was necessary.

And then someone rewrote the rules.

Now I need glasses to read. That sucks.

But there was a trade off.

Now, I don’t need glasses for distance. My vision is 20/20 in one eye and 20/15 in the other. In other words, my doctor told me to throw my glasses away. I did get a pair for distance though. They are supposed to help me see at night.

Seems like a win for me.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Little Things Matter

It’s kind of funny and sad how often we overlook the importance of little victories in the pursuit of large dreams. Positive feedback is powerful and motivating.

One work associate had spent four hours on a project, believing she was making progress, only to find out that everything she had done amounted to naught toward the goal.

Yes, she knew the goal, but she had been so excited to be able to contribute that she hadn’t been as careful as she should have been and had misidentified her data.

Been there; done that.

Game makers are masters are understanding this human need for positive feedback. Why do you think the first levels are so easy? Sadly, drug dealers exploit the same principle.

As a writer this principle is fundamental to engaging the reader. After all, why couldn’t the world end when the hero is having a good hair day?

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Sometimes when you misspell a word, it looks better than the actual correctly spelled word.

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3 Ways

I had to see a new cardiologist so I plotted the drive on Apple maps. Seems there were three ways I could travel. Apple classified them in terms of time and number of turns.

I saw them differently.

The route with the shortest travel time involved side streets with lots of traffic and people. Both of which are extremely aggravating and not ideal when you are visiting a doctor to discuss high blood pressure and other things.

The second shortest route involved traveling along a freeway that greets all on it by throwing stones at their windshield. I have the chips to prove it.

The last was the longest and the ones with the least amount of turns (I guess merging onto 3 different freeways doesn’t count as a turn). Two of the freeways on this route involve drivers who were supposed to be at their destination yesterday but only left today. Naturally, I took this route.

I still encountered traffic, but only toward the end of my drive, so my blood pressure wasn’t that high. Of course it helped that no one took it:D

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Spooky Weekend

The hubbinator and I enjoy our ghost hunting shows. Watching them helps us to unwind and also share a few laughs. We admit that our favorites are the hunters who are the most freaked out when they get a response.

Why are you hunting if you don’t expect to find anything?

Anyway, we recently discovered the Holzer Files on Discovery+. It is a great mix of psychics, history, and ghost hunting. Last night, we started season 2

We were sad to see that there is not any word on Season 3, but we are hoping there will be.

Until then, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

When you lose your glasses, check the top of your head first.

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All’s Quiet

For a parent, there’s nothing more ominous than silence. You know your children are up to something. Something they shouldn’t be up to. Something that will probably end in screaming.

I thought those worrisome days were behind me now that the kids have grown.

I was wrong.

I now have a puppy.

Puppies tend to be noisy things, and much like children get into everything. And destroy, chew, mangle, or eat most of what they discover.

So this morning was a flashback when I realized the house was quite quiet. Normally, the puppy snores, rather loudly, when she is sleeping. But when I checked she was no where to be found in her normal sleeping spots.

Until I found her in my son’s room. She’d chased off all the cats and was getting rewarded with pats and belly rubs.

Ah, well, at least no shoes were destroyed:D

Until next time, stay healthy.

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While it lasts

Yesterday was Mother’s Day here in the US. In lieu of presents I asked my kids if they wanted to clean the house.

They opted to give me presents.

In all fairness, I didn’t clean my mom’s house either. I did make her dinner.

But I digress. I cleaned the house myself. And as I enjoy starting the morning with a clean house, it was a lovely present.

Of course, it will be messy once I get home, but that’s okay. Unless one of the cats breaks my new mugs or candles.

Until next time, stay healthy.

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Friday Fun Fact

Victory is short when you retrieve one dirty sock from your puppy’s mouth only for her to discover there’s another sock waiting.

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