The idea

We are well and truly into 2020. I guess it is time to figure out how I’m going to spend the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Last year was full of tremendous change. I’m still reeling from it, still adapting to the changes, and still low on that steep learning curve of a new job.

But with the blessing of my boss, I am able to have a flex schedule and can now work back in the writing.

But what to write? So I’ve sort of developed a schedule, a target list of publishing.

Here’s my plan:

4/15- publish a new SciFi apocalyptic novel

8/15-publish either Hadean 4 or Love’s Great War 7

12/15-publish the one that wasn’t written over the summer

Pretty loose and generous writing time of 3 manuscript pages a day. Here it is day 3 of the New Year and I’m still on schedule.

I also have 2 personal things I’d like to change-trying one new recipe a week and switching to one environmentally product during the year (this was a challenge from my sisters).

So there you have it. If you’re interested in any of my upcoming releases, join one of my newsletters to learn more.

Until next time!

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Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone!

Let’s hope we all have 2020 vision.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year by Free photo 95997388 © publicdomainphotographs –

Until next time!

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Can’t see the forest for the trees

It has been a long remodel. And although we have paused, we are not finished.

Still I wasn’t aware of how exhausted the whole thing was making me until a funny episode with my sister.

She had come to visit for the Thanksgiving holidays, to cheer my brother across the finish line at the Ironman race, and to visit our parents. But as there was no room at the inn, she got to stay with us. And being that she is my parents’ daughter wanted to do something nice for us in return.

Living in a dust pit and knowing more holiday adventures awaited, I asked if she would clean the windows and the curtains in the main living areas.

She was happy to do so but upon arriving home, she pointed out that my curtains were defective. It seemed that all the panels didn’t have buttons on the sleeve at the top. I checked out the top of the curtains to see it this could possibly be true, because I remembered there being buttons at the top. But she seemed to be correct.


Because I was so busy looking up, it took me two weeks to figure out what was wrong.

Ah well, I got a good laugh out of it. And yes, they were corrected.

Until next time.

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Smashwords End of the Year Sale

Happy Friday everyone. I am participating in Smashwords’ end of the year sale. Many of my books are deeply discounted, if not free.

Free is good.

So, if there is something of mine you want to try, you might find it at a bargain price.

Here’s the link to my page:

I plan to stock up on romances, mystery, scifi, and some horror.

Until next time!

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Merry Christmas to all

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! And happy day for whatever you celebrate!

Here are some images from my sister’s house to brighten your day. She is amazingly creative.


Until Friday!

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By Gum

I used a real teaspoon today.  Not for measuring an ingredient in a recipe, but for actually making tea. With looseleaf tea. The others I had used were so old, I usually ended up more enough tealeaves in the bottom of my cup to confuse a gypsy fortuneteller.

But I purchased new ones. One in stainless steel and the other like this one:


It held just the right about of Stash’s Christmas Chai Tea and the little stainless steel button squeezed out every drop.

It was nearly flawless. Then I opened the top of the spoon, and it popped off and into the garbage where I had to fish it out.

Ah, well, the tea was good. And no tea leaves. Sometimes it’s best to celebrate the little things in life.

Until next time.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have a kitchen.

image3image2image001Now, I just need to move in. It is awesome and spacious.

until next time!

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