A Little Obsession

Last October I bought some handmade soap that smelled like pumpkin spice. I love it because of the luxuriant feel of the suds.

And now I’ve practically whittled it away to nothing.


Practically. But as you can see there’s still a tiny piece left and a part of me is wondering whether or not it will outlast me.

Or if it’ll be gone by the end of the month (but not washed down the drain).

I’m determined to find out. It’s almost become an obsession.

Until next time.


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Roll with it

Just when you have a routine down, things change.

I guess it’s nature’s way of saying don’t get comfortable. Or the universe is just messing with me. Slowly, letter by letter, I’ve been pushing toward that moving target that is the end of my current book.

And then things happened at work that left me with more responsibility and a change in hours.

I think I have a plan to adapt to these changes while writing, but for me, I need to clear out the work mess to get to the writing mindset. Not always an easy thing to do as, apparently, my characters are pretty accustomed to going off and amusing themselves, sometimes to the point where they don’t want to come back. Which then leads to whining and yelling and tears and pleading, not all of which is on my part.

Ah, well. Life is about adapting and I do like challenges (sometimes).

In the meantime, those stuck in that arctic vortex keep warm and stay safe.

Until next time.

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What are you reading?

I am amazed at authors who don’t read. It was my love of reading that got me hooked on writing. Writing isn’t easy, at least for me. So it’s the reading that makes it all worthwhile.

So where do I go when I escape into a good book?

This month I finished books 3-6 of the Daisy Gumm Majesty books by Alice Duncan and Dead in the Water (book 4, I think) of the Daisy Dalyrumple mysteries by Carola Dunn. They’re both cozies set during the 1920s and deal with the aftermath of World War 1. It’s funny that both heroines have the same names yet they are nothing alike.

On the nonfiction front, I’m reading Doctors in the Great War by Ian Whitehead. This book isn’t what I was expecting (I was looking for how gas victims were treated) but it is interesting, has a ton of references, and I’m learning some interesting things. I don’t know if I’ll be able to use it when I get around to writing the next Love’s Great War book, but you never know.

Also on deck is A Crack in Creation: Gene Editing and the Unthinkable Power to Control Evolution. For those of you who like the Hadean series, this one is for book four of that series but I also have to do more research on nuclear detonations and radiation exposure.

And, lastly, I received the most adorable letter from Better World Books about my order. These are some of my January purchases of books (sadly the hubbinator will know as they are all physical books):

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Middletown in Transition: A Study in Cultural Conflicts (Harvest/Hbj Book)

The Lost Battalion

Pies and Prejudice (A Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery)

Middletown : a study in American culture

Don’t Go Home (A Death on Demand Mysteries)

Blackberry Winter: My Earlier Years

Memories of Murder: The Great Cases of a Fingerprint Expert

Death on Demand

Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To

Death at the Door (Death on Demand Mysteries)

What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption

Bound for Canaan: The Underground Railroad and the War for the Soul of America

Serial Killers

So what are you reading?


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The problem with habit

This year, I’ve decided it was time to start getting into a shape other than round. Okay, I’m a realist, so I wasn’t talking crazy like joining a gym and being around other people. I was smart enough to know that either of those things would put the kiobash on my good intentions before they’d even sunk into my long term memory.

I read about the reward system to keep on track of goals.

And that didn’t work.

I read about how to break goals into smaller bits and track those.

And that didn’t work.

I read about how the loss of something if I don’t achieve my goals is supposed to be 5-7 times more motivating.

That, actually, made a dent. Okay, maybe more like a scratch. But I did want to keep up with the hubbinator when we began our tour of all the national parks, monuments, and other points of interest.

So I decided to start slow. As in simply tracking my steps throughout the day. To that end, I bought a Fitbit HR. Simple that I could sync with my phone, but then again, I wasn’t going to go crazy.

The idea for January was to simply track the steps I do on an average day. (To put things in perspective, on a good day I’ve done 3K steps by 10am. The hubbinator has done about 10K.)

Somewhere around January 3rd, I realized that the hardest part will be developing the habit of putting on the Fitbit. Bah!

Ah, well, life is a work in progress.

Until next time:D

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Maybe this is prepping for the end

Humans are among the most social animals on the planet. Even more so than bees, and that’s saying something.

But, there are a large number of us who when faced with the possibility of interaction with people just go meh. I have laundry to do. It’ll be fun.

The writer side of me thinks this could be a way the end starts. Biology’s way of giving loners an edge in the evolution game by making them more adept at singlet survival than their social counterparts.

The logical side of me knows this is false but there could be value in it, and even the smallest value can have huge evolutionary payoffs.

The writer’s side of me if fun and interesting, but rarely want to hang out, even with me. Apparently, there’s laundry to do. Bwahaha.

Until next time.

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There can only be one

No, I’m not talking Highlander. Oooh, Highlander. Wait. What?


Let’s begin again.

We bought a Firestick because we are cheap and didn’t want to buy a smart TV. I enjoy my firestick to watch our Apps like Netflix, Hulu, PBS, and TED. I especially enjoyed that I could call Alexa when I pushed a button and have my music and playlists blaring through the TV (when I’m home alone).

But this last Christmas, my son bought us an echo dot. It sits like a hockey puck perched on the edge of my printer, blending in for the most part. I’ve read about it. I know that it is listening to my conversations and those moments when I dictate my book inside, tethered to the Mac as my iPhone recharges. I know that it tells the microwave everything, who then forwards my speeches on murder and conspiracy to the government (although thankfully no pictures, because that would be embarrassing).

What really annoys me is that when I want only the Alexa on the firestick, the Echo Alexa fires up too. The result the good Alexa plays my music and the needy Alexa plays iHeartRadio.

So, one day, when I’m not so lazy, I’m going to change Echo Alexa name to ‘computer’ (thank you whoever put that Facebook meme up). And then I won’t have dueling Alexas.:D

Until next time! Until next time!


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The relationship is over

I supposed I should have expected it. But we had been together for over 7 years, and well, I just took it for granted that our relationship would continue forever.

I was wrong.

And blindsided.

Everything had been fine on Saturday when I sat down to write. I managed a whole chapter.

But on Sunday… On Sunday, my iPad could no longer find my keyboard. I tried rebooting the iPad. I tried replacing the batteries.

Alas, it was all for naught. The new batteries couldn’t revive it.

The keyboard was dead.

No writing would be done on Sunday in honor of its passing.

Long live the new keyboard! After no research at all, the hubbinator and I went to Fry’s Electronics and purchased a new belkin keyboard/cover. It will take some time to adapt to the feel and spacing of the new keyboard as well as it functionality quirks.

And while I don’t believe our relationship will last as long as with my previous keyboard, it does have a two-year warranty.

Until next time!

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