No Words

I find it ironic that as our technology shifts ever more toward the plug and play model, our home appliances move farther and farther away from convenience and ease of installation.

Whenever I acquire a new Bluetooth device, my phone or ipad are more than happy to connect with it. Heck, even the radio in my car will find it.

But, unpack an appliance, say a dishwasher or range and boom. Neither will have an electrical cord. The dishwasher needs a water line. And you’ll need a Phillips, a flat head, and set of socket wrenches for installation. Plus interpretive dance.

It’s insane.

And yes, the rationale has been explained to me. Homes built before and homes built after… Yada. Yada. Yada.

Eight o’clock on a work night, and I’m not in the mood to deal with a HoDe’s run that feels more like blackmail or money gouging to get parts that should come with an expensive appliance.

Which is about when I lose the ability to form words and resort to pointing, grunting, and maybe even a little snapping.

While some may point to environmentally friendly or extra safety features, I still think it is greed. Pure and simple.

Until next time.

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Free Today only

If you are looking for something to read during the holiday travel times ahead, These Divided States is free today on amazon (hopefully across all the platforms).


amazon us

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And if you like it, please leave a review.

Until next time.

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Closer and closer

It has been a very busy last five days.

We went from this on Friday morning:


Which I thought would never go away.


This was as they left on Friday night.


Last night after waiting for the texture to dry, we primed and painted. Because this arrived in the afternoon:


Our beautiful new kitchen. Okay, apparently, there are 2 cabinets missing. Of course, some assembly is required. But thankfully, the company supplies the people and the allen wrench.

Until next time.

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Happy Veteran’s Day

Here in the US today is the day we honor those who served in the military.


For most of the rest of the world, this is Remembrance Day and marks the end of the First World War.

Whichever you celebrate, I hope we all pause to thank those who served the cause of freedom.

Until next time.

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Excuses, excuses

I had lunch with my coworkers the other day, and one friend was kind enough to share the drama that is her daughter’s life.

The story starts with an impossible roommate, late rent payment, and eviction. Thankfully, the daughter was smart enough to ask her mother what to do to solve the problem. Long story short: the roommate is leaving the apartment complex and the daughter is downsizing to a smaller apartment in the same complex at the beginning of the month.

But that’s not what this post is about.

You see, the daughter had to take a day off work to handle her living situation. Her second day of work on a brand new job. She was afraid she’d lose her job because who would believe such a story from a millennial.

Thankfully Mom saved the day, with the excuse of course that Mom was in the hospital undergoing tests to see if she was having a heart attack or indigestion.

The mom card, heck even the dad card, is often a very good excuse to get out of work, and best of all, no one has to forge a note like when we were in school and no one checks with the parents either.

I often wonder if, according to my mom, my grandmother was sick a few times after she was dead. (okay, that’s slightly evil, but it is very funny)

Anyway, there is one master of excuses that those of us of a certain age or affection for RetroTV will also love:


That has to be one of my favorite scenes ever.

Until next time.

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A Light Show

I woke up this morning to lightning. No thunder. No rain (not even a hint of it in the air).

Just lightning.

It was awesome to watch the night explode as I walked the dog.

And given that my book has a meteor shower as the bringer of alien life to Earth, the light show inspired me to write a few pages this morning instead of crawling back in bed and catching an extra hour of sleep.

Life has a way of surprising me. And I would dearly love to be surprised by a little rain today:D.

Until next time.


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It’s weird. November 4th, and no one is eating the Halloween candy.

I’m not sure what’s happened.

I buy the stuff my kids and hubby eat because we don’t get many trick or treaters.

But now, they’re not eating that either.¬†Usually, the stuff we don’t like hangs around until New Years.

I think I’m gonna blame the renovation.

Aside from the healthy helping of dust, I have a dining, kitchen, office and living room crammed into one area. Things are piled on top of piles.

Thankfully, we should be able to expand again after the weekend. Meanwhile, the hubbinator and I realize we are not tiny house people. LOL

Until next time.

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