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Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

I had plans for the weekend. Big plans. Alas, things didn’t happen as I planned. My big goal for the weekend was to find, strip, and repaint the closet doors to my daughter’s old bedroom. Well, I found the doors. … Continue reading

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What in the DIY

This weekend the hubbinator and I decided to replace the sink and toilet in my son’s bathroom. We wanted to redo the whole thing, but don’t have the 2 grand for the tile work required. But the sink and toilet … Continue reading

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7 Hours Until Empty, 8 Days to Move Back In

I have an office. It is a scary place. Things move in there that I did not put there. I blame the kids. They deny it. I blame the cat, they point to the dog. The dog licks himself and … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Stores

As we limp painfully toward the finishline in our bathroom remodel, I share my experiences with Lowes and Home Depot’s on-line/store pick-up service. The mission, we chose to accept  needed to do in order to finish was to find a mirror … Continue reading

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If a Man’s Home is his Castle, why did he pick the toilet as his Throne?

Birds do it. Bees do it and, yes my brother can personally confirm that even the bears in the woods do it. Now before your mind sinks any further into the gutter, let me just say I was talking about … Continue reading

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The Sky is Falling

I was talking to my mom on Sunday (yes, I have a mom–despite comments to the contrary I was not hatched nor dropped off by aliens) when I heard a plop-plop noise coming from the kitchen. Darn. I knew those … Continue reading

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How Many Trips to the Home Improvement Store Does it Take?

How many trips to the home improvement store does it take to complete a project? It really depends on the job being done. Take, for instance, the small job my husband and I did last week. The plunger that enables … Continue reading

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