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And so we meet again…

Marci Gras was yesterday. I didn’t celebrate appropriately. There wasn’t King’s cake. There weren’t beads. And I had a Reuben casserole instead of gumbo or jambalaya. So here we are on Ash Wednesday and I’m faced with another Lent. While … Continue reading

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Lent—A Host of Things to Give Up Unless…

One of my favorite things about Lent is the prospects of giving up something. Said no one. Ever. For years, I gave up something on Ash Wednesday. Growing up it was usually Dr. Pepper and Nutty bars. Apparently 40 days … Continue reading

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Break The Chains

Some how, some way or another Lent has snuck up on me. For the last handful of years, I haven’t given up anything. I want to keep my vices, thank you very much. But I think now’s as good a … Continue reading

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