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Syn-En, Chapter 7, still only 99cents

“Pregnant?” Nell shook her head and tried to step back. Her period had ended just a day ago. She was regular as clockwork thanks to her cerebral interface. “I can’t be pregnant.” “I beg to differ.” Bei’s arm tightened around … Continue reading

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Syn-En Pillar World, Chapter 5

Chapter 5 “So the little Syn-En have teeth after all.” Aricose Groat, Commander of the Fleet of the Founding Five Armies, dropped onto the captain’s chair of the Dreadnaught Lunaria. A puff of white shot from the pulverized cushion. His … Continue reading

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Syn-En: Pillar World, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Bei pushed to his feet. His knees shook and his stomach roiled. Obviously the transition from hologram back to his real self had caused an anomaly in his systems. He ran a diagnostic check, focusing on his hearing. … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak—Syn-En Pillar World coming mid-February

Chapter 1 “The drones’ energy weapons holding at seventy percent charge, Admiral.” “Move the drones into position.” Addressing his Security Chief, Beijing York clasped his hands behind his back and braced his feet on the metal deck. The Skaperian techs … Continue reading

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