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Do you remember…

Do you remember when radiation what the alpha and omega of everything? Spiderman got his powers from a radioactive spider. Of course, my favorite use of radiation was the belief that radiation made everything bigger. Anyone remember the classic Gilligan’s … Continue reading

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Monster Movies

I love monster movies, especially the black and white ones from the late 1940s and 1950s. There’s nothing better than watching irradiated ants grow to monstrous sizes and kill people. But… But I’m not a big fan of the monster … Continue reading

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The Science Behind Preying on your Fears

It kinda hit me this weekend. Hubby and I binged on some really good and some really bad SciFi movies. We moved from the 50’s to the present and I caught a trend. In the ’50’s it was all about … Continue reading

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ReDo: Redaction: Dark Hope, Chapter One, unedited

Alright ladies and gents. Stop threatening to hurt, maim or kill me. David is safe and his usual loveable self. Here is the new chapter one (which was chapter 3). Chapter One Dirk Benedict blinked. Eyes opened or closed it … Continue reading

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