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Legends and More from the First World War

It’s only natural that when governments clamp down on news from the front that citizens take the slightest tidbit and make it into a story. In other cases, the truth stands as a story so amazing, it doesn’t need embellishment. … Continue reading

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A Hundred Years Ago

For women, remaining single today doesn’t carry the same stigma as it did 100 years ago. You know the words associated with single women—spinster, old maid, dependent aunt, family drudge. Single women were pretty much seen as a burden to … Continue reading

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Why We Went

This month marks the 100th Anniversary of the United States into the First World War. So I thought I’d devote the month to the nuggets I discovered while researching WW1 for my Love’s Great War series. President Wilson had ran … Continue reading

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Knowledge is Power and Sometimes a Bit Gross

Language is a living thing. It evolves and changes with every generation. Sometimes a new word is created out of acronyms like ASAP, FUBAR and SNAFU. Other times, words are given new meaning, ie computer which referred a person not … Continue reading

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