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These Divided States: High Price to Pay, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 2037 Outside of Phoenix, Arizona Jane Doe glanced over her shoulder. Across the street, people milled in Murphy Park, gathered in knots around the library doors, or lounged on the metal picnic tables under the desert willows, enjoying … Continue reading

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Animosity–Chapter 1

Chapter One Clasping his hands behind his back, Brongill of Da’Hap steeled himself against the unease twitching through him. “One thousand, one hundred twelve solar cycles is a long time to be gone.” Laughter drifted on the stale air of … Continue reading

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Using Body Language in fiction

Effective characterization is a balance between dialogue, narrative and action. Dialogue is relatively easy for those of us who hear voices. Each word use and syntax holds certain nuances that are unique to that character’s background. Image an 80 year … Continue reading

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