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Desert Dreams Conference

I’ll be here in April. Not signing but smoozing with other authors and if you’ve got a book inside just waiting to get out, you might want to be there too. DESERT DREAMS WRITERS’ CONFERENCE 2012 Believe in the Power … Continue reading

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Having An Open Mind Equals Opportunity

The publishing industry has been evolving and changing for the past few years, giving authors more opportunities than ever before to take their careers in directions they mmay never have considered a few years ago. I started writing seriously in … Continue reading

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The Free Addiction

I don’t have an ereader, but I love ebooks. For the last 7 years, I’ve read them on my pda or computer. Even though the readers are cheap in price, I haven’t been willing to part with the money for … Continue reading

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Editing, Writing and Reading, Oh My!

I don’t know about other authors, but I can’t write fiction and read it too. Nonfiction is not a problem. I guess it is a right brain-left brain kind of thing. Just like editing. Editing uses a part of my … Continue reading

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New Music

Since I finished the rough draft of my book 2 days early, I decided to reward myself with some music as I sent off on the revisions/additions to Redaction. I love music in the background but rarely actually hear it. … Continue reading

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Redaction the next book (Part III)

I’ve finally finished the rough draft of the book to be published next year, so I’m set to begin adding a few more pertinent chapters to Redaction before plunging into the sequel. So here’s the situation: As usual, I’m having … Continue reading

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