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Rage against the GMOs

GMOs have been in the news a lot lately. Good timing on my part, since in my book, Hadean: Threshold of Extinction, GMOs bring us one bite closer to the apocalypse. Now, I’m the first to tell you that when … Continue reading

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Born in Blood, Chapter 8

Looks like I’ll be getting the book back from the 2nd round of edits at the end of the month. So it’ll be live end of September or early October. And as a thank you for waiting, it’ll be 99cents … Continue reading

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Redaction Part iV, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Fools never learned. Harlan Westminster lowered his binoculars and rolled onto his back. He squeezed his eyes closed until white danced in his vision. But it didn’t help. He still saw the image of the valley below. For … Continue reading

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Not the musical. Not the song by Lady Gaga. I’m talking about the stuff that grows on most folks’ heads. Hair says a lot about a person. Butch cuts. Coiffures. Up-dos. Bobs. Buzz cuts. Bald. French Braid. Farrah Fawcett hair. … Continue reading

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Redaction: Dark Hope (part 3, unedited)

Chapter One Damn Lister and the camel he humped his ass in on. Former Sergeant-Major David Dawson raised the bottle to his lips and tilted back his head. Watered brandy hit the back of his throat and burned down to … Continue reading

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New Releases For Fall

I began my self publishing odyssey at the end of last month. Here are my new releases. Six months after an Influenza Pandemic swept across the globe, the world is starting to emerge from quarantine. But Pestilence Free Day is … Continue reading

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